Review: SoYan 3D Printing Pen - How to make a mess of plastic things.

Review of the SoYan 3D Printing Pen - based on a free product provided for review purposes
Pretty cool product and lots of fun, while it is **** out of 5 - a far cry from perfect. sucks that is comes with such a small amount of material. Hard to make cool stuff when you run out of plastic. Hard to work with cord, always seems to be in the way. Feels artificially light which makes it artificially feel less durable than it actually could be.

The big highlights:
* It worked as expected
* The cord made it difficult to use
* Unlike a glue gun, it has no "holder", so I was concerned about setting it on a table top and ruining the table.
* The sample plastic line feed ran out quickly and was frustratingly minute. I wish they would have supplied more in the box as I ran out and can only make so many things with just yellow.

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