Unboxing and Review: NuNet HD ATSC Receiver and Over Air TV Antenna (ToastX2)

I really really want to cut my cord with cable tv.

Please note that this unboxing and review are based off a product supplied by OEM for review. I have too big an ego to let that influence my opinion and will call out all the flaws as applicable.

My wife and I have been watching our monthly cable costs skyrocket. What extra value are we getting out of it? more sports or spanish language channels we do not watch? another 30 versions of the Real housewives of southwestern nowheresville? Needless to say, I was excited to have a new product to test that supports my desire to untether from the cable tv empire. This unboxing doesn't focus on functionality, just product contents. 

Please ask questions in comments and I will answer them based on my experience 

key features - PVR receiver (personal video recorder), remote control, long corded Over the air HD antenna.

This is a solid middle ground product. Introductory price and introductory features.

As discussed in the Unboxing video for this product, I am absolutely shopping CableTV alternatives. Recognizing I still need internet, I will still have restrictions, but does my household NEED 5million channels of reality tv? No. No we do not.

So how did it perform?
Direct connection to a TV, the antenna worked better over all. It was faster and found 2 more channels than when through the receiver. About 2 min to poll signals and collect channels via the tv... Via the receiver, it took 12 minutes (crickets) yup.. 12. Why? I dunno.. less robust software? It found fewer channels as well, but not by much. The channels is it missed were not if great quality, so they may have been fringe signal.. diesnt explain the time to process.

Video quality was on par with HD cable channels. and when pixelated.. well, it was on par with cable pixelation as well...

PVR functions were solid, if a bit basic. Fatal flaw is no onboard memory (makes the cost drop) but mainly the front facing USB port.. what a terrible idea that was.

You may be able to get away with a cheap DVR instead, but the value add of the PVR receiver was definitely the over air signal read for each channel showing guide data about current show and upcoming shows. Not sure if a DVR would have that capability. If a DVR can get channel guidedata, it would beat the PVR quickly. The size of the receiver is great. It is TINY and fits on a small ikea wall mount shelf.. but the cables are not intuitive to small spaces..


Interested in cutting the cord? Buy through the link below and i may earn a tiny commission. The cost will not increase for you.



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