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Lord bless this 7-layer burrito

I went to Toxic Hell (taco bell) today and bought lunch.. I was poor and hungry, can't fault a guy for making brash decisions in a hunger crisis.

What blew me away was the wonderful thing I saw while I was there. 
At the table next to me, I witnessed a family of four prayin' before they ate, arms folded elbows on the table style prayer.

In my Imagination:

"We remember you, Lord, as we eat the seventh layer as it is your layer, and your number. Please remember our hardships and give us your grace to make our fiesta salsa (pico) full of life and flavor.... Ok everyone, eat up.. if you finish your food, maybe we can get God to treat us to Empanadas! "

I don't think that even God could make "The Bell" healthy and nourishing....

Religion Perspective : like Nightclubs

If religions were like trendy night clubs then preachy Christians, Satanists, Jews, etc.. would be the patrons of the club that are always claiming/bragging that they know the owners. This may be true. It is equally possible that have never met the owners and only know of them through their reputations and rumors. They are just looking for a free drink and access to the VIP room. They are looking to be cool by association, with out actually having the association. They are the ones that don’t allow guest DJ’s to spin new records.

If religions were like night clubs, they would be the regulars that might slip a roofie in your drink so that they can take you home and show you that no matter how many times you say “No” your perspective means less than theirs… Because they “Know” the owners of the club, people assume that they belong.

From my perspective, I don't mind going to clubs. They don’t generally play music that I like and depending on the night club, the drinks are often pret…