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Must Read Comics- NSFW - Mission Nasaru

This video is NSFW due to some artistic nudity-
The Mission Nasaru webcomic is absolutely unique. A human colony is awoken in solar cycle zero, finding a strange symbiotic relationship with a semi-sentient pink goo called the Nasaru. The Humans have no history, they know language and skills, but a blank spot exists where explanations of how/why are expected.

This web comic is super interesting, and visually reminds me of Logan's Run. Users should not try to read the comics by release date, instead, head to the ‘Archive’ as your frustration will increase due to the release cycles. Driven by artist desire and Patreon votes, no part of this story line is complete, though some sections have more ‘chapters’ than others.

Keep an eye on this comic. If it can get more completion and less randomness, it could really become a stunning long term scifi comic. Right now it seems to have a bit of a conflict in presentation.