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Blood and Tacos - Penetrator ManKill and others kick ass content

Blood and Tacos issue 1 is pretty awesome folks.
You can read it for free at
Alternately, if you want a copy you can save and keep forever and ever, it is for sale on Amazon for a whole dollar. $0.99 cents of glory. In a nutshell, it has a series of short stories that are written to appear as if they were long lost relics of the manly man era of pulp fiction. You know the time frame… we are talking chest hair, mullets, cheesy one liners, blood, fist fighting. All the things that make a Charles Bronson film awesome and the Joe Don Baker movie “Mitchell” so damn terrible (awesome). Current issue includes work by Gary Phillips, Matthew C. Funk (what a name), Johnny Shaw, and lots of other awesome authors.. Each story is written as if the author “Found it” in an archive. Check the About page of the site for more details. There are no unicorns here, unless they are fighting against a grizzly.
The men don\’t cuddly, they fight fuck then flee, leaving behind a trail of bro…

BLOG: Kickstarter! - Murder of Crows, Athena

HELP SPREAD THE WORD! If you are a book blogger, book reader, or aspiring author, check in your couch for a dollar. repost this, help out where you can..  $1.. Even a buck helps..  To be honest though? 4200 dollars/backers would help more.. (SCROLL DOWN for a synopsis)
Then spread this information far and wide.. : Projects – Murder of Crows Athena has 11 days left on her funding attempt (!! via KickStart !!). Her book is written, arc copies have been read and feedback given to her. She will be hitting up a respected Portland editor, and jumping through the hoops with any money collected.
Any one interested in assisting an awesome author, jump on this! You could help bring a book into existence, and gain karma points if you are trying to publish yourself later :) There are kick ass perks.. Pledge what you want to, but I suggest $130. gets you: an ebook copya signed dead tree copycustom bookmarkyour name in the book’s acknowledgments sectionbut most of all.. you will make…

BLOG: Suvudu Cage Match 2012.. Poor Tarzan.

Had some family issues that prevented me from monitoring the cage match. I didn’t get to see the Round 1 results till this morning. Poor Tarzan.. You lost… Miserably, with a baffling sad sad sadness that makes me want to cry. The world has forgotten your awesomeness.. Moiraine Damodred versus Tarzan: 2,574 to 199 (92.82%)
92.82%!!!!! I hate people. Here’s hoping to a successful win for Mr Wednesday in the current round! As my second pick, he is less of an outside chance..

Happy Policeman (Patricia Anthony)

Back in the summer of 2010, I decided to see about curbing my book spending, and instead work on reading books already on my shelves. This was an obvious failure, when I was on the Powells Books website and found a bargain Sci-fi bin of books for about a dollar. I bought seventeen books and have been slowly working my way through them. Patricia Anthony’s ‘The Happy Policeman’ was in that pile of books. I am not sure how this ended up in the dollar bin. Turns out, this book was incredible, worth far more than the dollar I paid for it. I bought it sight unseen, had no idea what the novel was about, but the cover art painted by Mark Smollin caught my attention, the title was unusual and the book became mine. THIS BOOK WAS NOT ACTUAL SCI-FI. Do not auto-ignore this book if you are a genre snob, you may be missing out. Likewise, do not pick this book up thinking it will be handed to you on a platter, Patricia Anthony did a great job in obfuscating the end game and (as in my case) it takes…

Carry yourself back to me (Deborah Reed)

There is never good timing for heart ache. It can take the form of a fog, or a striking pain, it is different for everyone and has no miracle cure. Annie Walsh is a singer song writer, no longer fresh to the scene but with bated breath fans waiting for her next release. They will be waiting a longer than they expect though, as Annie has lost her muse and she is hermit-ted, seemingly a new person (broken). Annie has been self medicating as only she can see fit. She has been hiding from the world for months. When her boyfriend Owen abruptly left her, her focus switched to the grove of Tangelos out front and ensuring that they are tended to. Her secondary focus is on sandpapering Owen out of her existence. Music no longer matters.. After sIx months of hiding out, wallowing in her pain, and seething in her anger.. Annie is just beginning to numb, to reach an internal understanding and start to heal. Because the universe is cruel (and authors are more so) this poor woman just cannot catch…

BLOG: 2012 Suvudu Cage Match - I pick Tarzan as King

post orignially from Fnordinc
My brother in law had the Superbowl, My wife had the Oscars.. Bookish Geeks have the Suvudu Cage Match (SCM). Suvudu (a Random House site) has put on an awesome event for the last couple years, the SCM, where various heroes and villains from literature are pitted against each other in a battle of strength, wits, and luck for a chance to reign as king of the mountain for a year.

It is both fun and informative as every year, as I learn of 10-20 books I MUST READ (good thing), though may never find time (bad thing) due to my already dangerously tall to-be-read pile.

This year, I backpedaled from my normal stance in reviewing SCM opponents. Surprisingly, my review and support led me to a man who I believe is commonly discounted due to the unjust portrayal Hollywood gave him in the 1930′s. He has been fighting against the “unwashed-heathen” stigma for a long time and I believe it is his time to shine.

In Round 1 of the SCM, there were a number of fights that occ…