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Marie Antoinette, Serial Killer: Incredibad Teen Fiction as good as it sounds

Found at Goodwill, this Katie Alender thriftstore find was well loved by it’s previous owner. With pages dog eared so fantastically that the corners were physically missing (I have been told this is ‘purse wear and tear’), this was bought for the pure joy of reading rediculous fiction. It was unregretably enjoyable, while understandably juvenile in most ways, leading readers with any intuition down barely disguised channels.

Spoiled and entitled American teen Collette Iselin. She holds a secret back from her rich Bratz doll friends-  Collette has moved into a tiny apartment, wears carefully purchased thrift clothing, and is on scholarship at their elite Private school. Daddy, recently Mid-Life-Crisised to his own space, has left poor Collete in a social  ladder dead zone.
In preparation for a ‘life changing’ trip to Paris with her French class, Collette finds a mysterious box in the claustrophobic confines of her apartment storage facility. Handed down from her Great Grandmother, the bo…

Robopocalypse: Skynet's more human tolerant little brother

Robopocalypse (Daniel H Wilson) starts in a different position than most machine armageddon stories, beginning 20 minutes after the Humans have won the war with ‘Big Rob’. Our narrator, Cormac ‘Bright Boy’ Wallace is spraying bursts of fire out across the frozen Alaskan tundra to confuse a swarm of mini-bots called stumpers into premature explosion. Stumpers contain compartmentalized chemicals that are mixed when they feel the warmth of a human leg, leading to a debilitating POP and the loss of an appendage.
Bright Boy Squad locates something unexpected in the frozen expanse- a sentient storage device that has been collecting insane amounts of data from the world since the activation day of Archos (the AI ).  The book follows a similar presentation as  World War Z (Max Brooks), depicting the novel as a series of short stories in a historical compilation of key events from pre-war to the end, recorded by the device, and cross commented by Wallace.
Unlike Skynet in t…