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When the Storm Breaks: pre-release enook review

When the storm ends: pre-release ebook review

Fyi- This book could easily be renamed ‘Trigger warning’ as these are wide swathes of text in which will make readers uncomfortable, even though the overall theme if the book is catharsisl.

Too many times, small press books are all potential and terrible follow through. I happily, moved to the top of my reading pile, I was not disappointed. Rebecca Marsh put together a wonderful novel.

Quick synopsis- Beth Christopher is a child psychologist working a social case where she sees some similarities to herself in the way a troubled teen appears closed off and broken. Beth attempts to help 15-year-old Erin as she prepares to be tried in court for the murder of her father. Beth feels a kinship in the shared pain, having been raised in an unhappy and violent home, ultimately shuffled through the social services system. 30 years later, educated and in a stable loving marriage, Beth finds herself plagued by nightmares and dificulty engaging in som…