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I’m Thinking of Ending Things: I don’t regret reading, wouldn’t recommend

Ugh.. Iain Reid
I am confused by the reception of this book- NPR lists it as a 2016 Best Book of the Year. After reading, I saw a Netflix adaptation article (didnt read it). I am on the borderline of meh and asking for my money back from the thriftstore it was bought from.
It opens with an unnamed woman in the passenger seat of a car. She makes the mental statement -I’m thinking of ending things- which quickly shifts from a line read as suicidal to a boyfriend break up scenario. Throughout the book she has a confused personal perspective, flipping mid sentance between twitterpation and total disgust for her human companion, Jake. The car trip has purpose- a drive into the deep country with Jake in order to meet his parents for the first time.
The book follows her confusing personal journey but is heavily peppered with the anonymous woman’s mental baggage- hermitism competing with loneliness, recurring night terrors, obsessiveness, strange harassing calls she won’t discuss with others- t…

Book sale: When the Storm Ends - 99cents for two days

Scroll back to August 2018 for my review of this.  Pretty good price for a good book. Don’t miss out!