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Winnebago Graveyard: A mess of Satanic blood and fire

Based on an ARC copy.

What an utterly bizarre story produced through Image comics. I enjoyed this a great deal.

It is a pretty basic plot-line: Mother/Father/Son on vacation. Stop at run down theme park because they have OBVIOUSLY never watched a horror movie. Their Winnebago is stolen and they are forced to spend the night in a creepy hotel in a shitty town. Occultists in hoods surround the hotel with flaming torches (as opposed to unlit torches?). Family escapes and fights back when cornered.
Surprising plot, setting, or ending? Not at all. The way it was presented won me over regardless. The art is great, appearing gritty and closer to painted art than classic comic. Every page was visually pleasing, and the characters were very human with visual flaws and awkwardness that real people would have. As described before, the story was flat and predictable from page one, but for campy horror, this is not a derogatory point, it is a sell ;)
What pushed this over the line, converting from …

Baby Teeth: Pretty great yet pretty blah

Based on an arc copy

I have mixed feelings about Zoje Stage’s Baby Teeth. It was amazing, thrilling, kept me on the edge of my seat, and made me cringe in utter dismay. Unfortunately, it also felt engineered to purpose and lackluster in completion. I am not sure if I finished it because I wanted the ending, or if it was due to just morbidity. I would definitely suggest this to others, but would be careful as to who would receive the recommendation.

Baby Teeth tells the stories of Suzette (mother) and Hanna (daughter) in alternating chapters. Hanna is seven years old and highly intelligent, but when she tries to speak her words just refuse to emerge. Suzette is perpetually ill with intestinal troubles and terribly afraid of recurring health issues/ pleasing her seemingly volatile husband. Hanna perceives her mothers constant pain and irritation as a lack of love for her, a dismissal of daughter and a preoccupation with self. Seven year old Hanna tortures her mother through various act…