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Blood Kin - Ceridwen Dovey

Blood Kin, written by Ceridwen Dovey, was a big surprise. It was given to me in a big bag o’books by my friend Janneke. The bag was so full of possible reads that I didn’t know I had it in my possession until earlier this summer. When it did come to my attention, I escalated it up my list of “to be read” books. Not reading the back cover, I was first drawn in by the authors name, very beautiful. The cover was well put together and designed nicely (click image to enlarge)
Clocking in at 183 pages, it didn’t take long to get through the story and was a nice break from a series I was in the middle of. I am unsure where the book takes place. It could be in a South American country, or deep in an unknown country in eastern Europe. However, I did get a very “Cuba” feel from the story. The name of the country was either never mentioned, or I was completely oblivious, both are possible scenarios Dovey’s book is broken into 3 segments. Segment one is a series of chapters focusing around three men…

Coffee and Kung Fu, Karen Brichoux

Coffee and kung fu is a book about loneliness. it it about settling for less, because of fear of having nothing. it is about finding yourself a little bit at a time and not recognizing the pieces.
brichoux’s book was quite entertaining. though the book opens with a kung fu movie description, non k-fu fans should not be deterred. there is more here than the first chapter and book title lead you to believe. though ever chapter will contain a couple references to jackie chan films, his legacy will not taint your experience. it would be nice if the main character had a bit more taste in classic kung fu. general fiction, a bit of romance, some humor and drama, it is a very well rounded read and worth putting in the effort to get past chapter 1.