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The Postmortal (Drew Magary)

You want a review?
It is simple, I looooved this book.
From the addictive green cover and clean artwork till the last page.
RawBlurb Suggested read.
This book does deserve a reblurb however.. The original was found very very lacking. In fact, had it not been for my love of the cover, I may never have given this book a shot. I often find that it is in the favor of the author to foster "judging a book by it's cover".
You think that the current debates over pro-life and pro-choice are lively? Well have you heard about The Cure? This is going to knock the world on it's ear. The pro/pro debate is gonna be irrelevant. It might even take a turn and become a pro-abortion vs "what's the other choice again?" conversation.
The Cure, what is it exactly? No, not the British goth/pop/rock band. The Cure resolves the ultimate disease, OLD AGE. Sure it is illegal, you need to back alley it, you have to pass cash under the table and use a secret knock.
Is it w…

Bride of the Fat White Vampire (Andrew Fox)

Years ago, I read and reviewed Fat White Vampire Blues. In that novel, Andrew Fox introduces us to a series of absurdly fascinating characters, including the title fat vamp character Jules Duchon. Jules is a huge man, a giant, disgusting, vampiric tub of lard. He is smaller than the oracle record keeping fat vampire in Blade. He is smaller than a house. But his 400-500 pound size is becoming a problem for him.

An undead of his size cannot simply stalk prey, let alone the prey he prefers. Jules enjoys the a or of humans that are equally fat. He wants triglycerides and fat blood that taste so good on his tongue. Jules has eased this need by driving a cab. He picks up prey, gasses them, then gorges on their semi-narcotic laced blood in privacy.

Bride of the fat white vampire is equally as fun to read as the original novel. But also incredibly easy to spoil. Rather than doing so, let's focus in what makes this vampire series different than all the other trash in the genre.

• The FWV bo…