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Star Trek II - The Wrath of Khan (Vonda N. McIntyre)

The movie Wrath of Khan has been ruined forever. All hail the Wrath of Khan (book)! Let me explain, because Vonda McIntyre owned this.

For father's day, I do not require much. Give me a hot meal, a warm cuddle, and a chilly blanket covered viewing of StarTrek: The Wrath of Khan. Family time at it's best. Unfortunately, this year my children are of an age where this movie would cause undue stress. Ear-worms, explosions, blind revenge and blood really don't jive too well with toddlers, so it is on pause for a couple years. We watched The Voyage Home instead, yes, the awesome time travel whale movie.

Why are you reading this?
The Lack of Khan meant my wonderful wife felt concern that my father's day would be lackluster. She searched out and located me a copy of the 1982 paperback edition Wrath of Khan. Giddy and sweaty palmed, I jigged in my seat when I opened my gift from her. Also included was a hardback copy of Chitty Chitty Bang Bang, but I can discuss that at a later…

James Potter Fan Novels (G. Norman Lippert)

Harry Potter fans rejoice! Harry's children have adventures as well. 
This book series focuses on G. Norman Lippert's fan homage. From what is intended to be a five part series, this review only references the beginning two books as I have not yet had time to delve further. A follow up review may touch in those, of which I believe are similar quality.
Quick backstory: To my understanding based on varied sources, the series was written by Lippert, purely to please himself, wife, and children. Lippert found very quickly that he has a knack for this sort of thing. His ability to string words together in a pleasing manner and formulate detailed and original plot-lines is pretty stellar. 
Releasing his fanfic in official eBook format, an instant following has organically grown. A couple cease and desist processes later, he has been officially unofficially allowed to continue his work, provided he makes no money from Rowling's IP.
**Several derivative works exist which he can make c…

Some Smug Slug: the letter S to the super surprising summation

Some Smug Slug (Pamela Duncan Edwards | Henry Cole)

Sometimes someone might staunchly assume a simple book shall certainly be simple to read. Such books may serve as evidence supporting the opposite. Some Smug Slug is a single silver straw standing out in a serving of standard yellow straw. Striving to solidify conceptually, it sometimes stumbles. Sneakily, it still suffices to supplant itself as a super-champ of spawn book love.

In all seriousness, SS Slug is like an amazing spectacular sinking ship (see what is did there? Yeah? Yeah??) overflowing with gold and jewels and poor little puppies. You want to look away, but you cannot.

This book requires a read before you start with the kiddos. It is filled to the brim with S words. To. The. Brim. Every page painfully projects alliterative postured prose, perfectly placed. The difficult reading distracts you from the trudging plot line of a slug slowly moving up a hill. The hill that is not a hill, but in fact, impending doom..

Doom doo…