Submission Policy

Reviews on this site are on books I have personally collected for reading unless notated per the FTC’s ridiculous guidelines for further details.


I am currently accepting Review requests/submissions but reserve the right to be selective in which books I choose to review. Selective reviewing provides me the flexibility to experience a book and accurately compile my feelings toward it. Selective reviewing also allows time to read books from my own "To-Be-Read" pile with out fear of being overwhelmed or risking a "hurried" or sub-par reading of submitted work..

Should I choose not to review a submission, this should be recognized as a positive choice. Most books located here have high rateing/positive due to the fact I opted to read the book/graphic novel. This "opt-in" relationship with the work makes all the difference. As a reader, we all know that reading something you don't want to is a chore and taints the experience. If I believe I am not going to enjoy a submission, I just won't read it. It is that simple.

Reviews may not be exclusively positive, but they are guaranteed to be honest.

Info: jasonbrownpdx (a) gmail DOT com
Please contact me directly for physical mailing address.

Genres I typically prefer:  General fiction, Historical Fiction, Literary Fiction, Thrillers, Horrow, Graphic Novels (not genre specific), Mysteries, Historical Non-Fiction, Memoires, a nice range of Chick-lit (not the gum :)) and a bit of YA fiction.

Preferred formats: I love pulp and love receiving actual books. It is a nice surprise in the mail that breaks up the humdrum of water bills and junk coupons. I read a number of eBooks, but ony use MOBI format. If you a book cannot be read on my Kindle, it will be discarded unless. Graphic Novels in PDF is perfectly appropriate.

Self published books are encouraged, but please do not be offended if my first statement to you is a reply email asking you to consider a 3rd party editorial service. This lack of external insight is the largest problem with home publishing. Editors are awesome, they exist for a reason.

Timeframe: Reading is not instantaneous nor guaranteed. I have a lot to read, so state your case and sell me! Get me excited! ARC copies given in advance will be given prioritization based on release timeframe. I will do what I can to have reviews completed prior to release, but the closer the deadline, the less likely this is to occur. I would be glad to participate in virtual book tours.

All reviews are typically published to my site, goodreads, librarything. Common alternate crossposts will be sent to amazon, Powells, and abe. Alternate locations will be considered if you ask in advance.

Other: Feel free to supply multiple copies of books if you are interested in promotional giveaways! I also like beer, drinking beer while reading, reading while drinking beer, and beering while beering.

Please contact me if you have additional questions.

Thanks! Jason.


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