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Einstein's Beach House: Pleasurable off kilter stories

Somehow Jacob Appel managed to provide stories in his collection that kept me from fashioning a shiv out of office supplies and taking out my frustration on office mates.
Einstein's Beach House (Jacob Appel)
188 pages
ISBN-10: 0984940588
ISBN-13: 978-0984940585

Short stories drive me nuts. I do not care for them, as a rule. Between 5 and 40 pages of character development, I get invested and find myself totally involved. I want to learn the deep history and horrible details of the character lives. I often find myself frustrated, throwing down a book in disappointment when it leaves me hanging. I always pick them back up and finish them, but there is a grudging nature to their completion.

Einstein's Beach House is a pleasurable collection of stories. Each of them are a little off kilter. Whether it be about an extramarital affair with one's daughter's imaginary friend's father, or breaking into the basement of your local sex offender's home to locate dirt on t…

Sadie the Sadist (Zane Sachs)

SPOILERS. This review will spoil plot and appetite in some places. This book is not for all readers. Enough said.

Do you see the corn in the cover art? Keep it in mind. Corn plays a big part in this book, though I will only mention it twice.

Sadie the Sadist was a completely fucked up book with a seemingly lackluster, yet surprisingly satisfying ending after I let it marinate for a bit.. Would I recommend this to others to read? I am not sure. Much like when I read American Psycho, I have to question my judgement at times. This was very well written though, and I find myself hard pressed to put down a book that can make me want to vomit, but keeps me interested. This is the same way I made it through Poppy Brite's Exquisite Corpse which is one of the most beautiful books i would never suggest to people.

Sadie started out pretty mellow. A snarky, likable every girl works at a grocery store where she is overworked and emotionally pooped on by management. New Seasons in PDX? whole F…