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Little Brother (Cory Doctorow)

This novel is set in ‘current’ day San Francisco. A small group of friends skip school to play a live action multi-player geocache game. While out wandering the city, a loud concussive blast rumbles the area. A series of explosions have taken out the Bay Bridge and all four friends find themselves mindlessly following the herd of fearful humans to perceived safe areas. Trouble doesn’t end with the explosion, is always one total dick hole in any large crowd. While white eyed fear ruled the mob, one of the four gets stabbed and nearly trampled. They escape from the crowd and begin desperately trying to wave down medical assistance. Covered in blood and nowhere near where they should have been at that time of the day, it is little wonder they are detained by a passing Homeland Security team. What follows is a scarily realistic view of what any world government could do when given enough unchecked power. Tortured, interrogated, with their families left wondering if they are dead, these f…

The Rat Race (Sara Logan)

From the print edition:
“Follow a contemporary anti-hero struggling through the day-to-day of making ends meet to pay the cell phone bills!” From the Kindle edition:
“Danny had the perfect life… until he lost his wife, his house, and his job. He buckles down to keep enough cash to pay his cell phone bill, though. Strap on your running shoes and join him as he makes the daily dash through The Rat Race.” I don’t particularly like either of these descriptions of Sara Logan’s THE RAT RACE. They are both lacking. They do not do the book justice and really do not lend a reader enough info to determine if it is up their alley. But I am an opinionated ass, so bear with me. What it could say:
“The Rat Race is no less pitiful for one than another. We all share the same finish line. The only difference is if we are whores or beggars, champions or frightened babies, quitters or people who stick it out till the end. Danny has a great job, a wife, a home, a kick ass car… He is a confused mess of co…

Plague Town (Dana Fredsti)

EDIT 05/23/12: It has come to my attention that I failed to note this book was well written. I would like to be clear that the author is descriptive and has no trouble putting sentences together. It was only my opinion of the the plot content that I had trouble with as outlined below, and as stated, each person should make their own decision. ~~

I hate giving bad reviews but it happens. My tolerance levels are pretty high for trash fiction. When I begin reading a book, I work hard to ensure instances when I am unable to finish it are as rare as possible. I reserve the right to stop and remove myself from a bad novel, but keep this right minimally acted upon. This novel is part of the fairly exclusive club called “Books I couldn’t reasonably spend more time on” also referred to as “I can never get those minutes of my life back”.. I made it eighty-three pages and just had to stop. It could get better later but I will never know. Dana Fredsti’s novel Plague Town is just another book in t…