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Ready Player One: Pop culture immersion therapy to solve all ailments

2011.. This book was published in 2011. What was I doing in 2011? I read Johnny Shaw's Dove Season (which was amazing [Review | Author Interview]).. GRRM released a book.. Some sexytime was had, as I had a kid in 2012, so that must have been good. I bet I ate food and went to work.. What is obvious is that I was out of the loop with geek culture and remained segmented to the side for the following five years.

Cue my friend V, dropping by my office and slopping Ready Player One down alongside a copy of Zombies vs Unicorns. She advises me that this tome of pop culture joy is a must read and that she never got around to Z vs U. At the time, I was heavily invested in the rabbit hole of American political news for a couple months solid and managed to put off reading this even longer.

Ready Player One (Ernest Cline)400 pagesBroadway BooksISBN-10: 0307887448ISBN-13: 978-0307887443 My repeat delays would have disqualified me as a Gunter. Innovative Online Industries (IOI) would have the egg…

Converging posts/comments to one central site.

Fnord Inc is dead.
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I am merging everything to a central account and trying to make my life a little easier ;)

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AbyssRium (IDLE Idea Factory) + Strategy

Tap games are a dime a dozen in the mobile world. Most (as is AbyssRium) are free with ad-supported revenue and/or provide efficiency cheats in a store.

AbyssRium sets itself apart from other tap games by leveraging a unique concept. In a Synthetic ocean, you are the ever loving caretaker of a talking 'Coralite', which to the best of our perceptions is an underwater volcanic vent. The point of the game is to build strength and vitality for your volcano and its surrounding wild life; evolving animals and fortifying new types of coral. As each element of your world is enhanced, you elicit more vitality from the creatures for use in evolution.
It is easiest to think of your mobile device as the side of a giant fish tank, and you are going to be tapping on the glass. While you were told in life this was bad for an aquarium, in AbyssRium, your Coralite considers this loving attention. It smiles at you, gives on screen hints, and makes a slightly disturbing orgasm face every time y…

The Girl on the Train: Like a semi-successful groin shaving

Was it excellent and future bearer of a "classic literature tome" status? No. Was it a great read? Absolutely. Just the right length and quality to tell the story.

This is well worth the time spent.
With that said, this novel is a crisp representation of how I believe it would be to satisfactorily shave one's groin while drunk. It was hot outside, you were feeling unnaturally carpet like, and ultimately it seemed like a grand idea; but after wards? Give it a couple days. When the razor burn and scabs have healed a bit, you may find it was not brilliant or executed gracefully, but you are still missing the 70's shag and do not appear to have bled out. Win/lose is still a win.

The Girl on the Train (Paula Hawkins)
336 pages
Riverhead Books
ISBN-10: 1594633665
ISBN-13: 978-0857523921

The contents detail a woman (not a girl) who drunkenly rides the train between her work and home daily. On this ride and her many side quests to slay her personal dragons, (divorce, physically bar…

Silo Trilogy (Wool, Shift, Dust): A claustrophobic nightmare future

Several years ago, I had downloaded a Kindle copy of the first Wool installment, but just never found time for it.

When I finally returned to it, I was overjoyed to be thrust into the masterful universe of the Silo trilogy, already completely written. While a series of books is nice because of the extended plot and time in a fleshed out world, I also commonly find myself losing interest as an author takes the time to produce follow-ups and release new stories.

Hugh Howie - Silo Series
528 pages
Simon & Schuster
ISBN-10: 1476733953
ISBN-13: 978-1476733951
576 pages
John Joseph Adams/Mariner Books
ISBN-10: 0544839641
ISBN-13: 978-0544839649
480 pages
John Joseph Adams/Mariner Books
ISBN-10: 0544838262
ISBN-13: 978-0544838260
 I wanted to horde the story as it unfolded, but relinquished self-control to the book demon of addiction. When I completed book one, I was able to immediately move to the second, then the third. With minimal pauses, I could loosely control my consumption. …

The Hazards of Hunting while Heartbroken: Not a book about Assassins

While I am no stranger to a good romance novel, I must admit that Passananti's "Hazards of Hunting While Heartbroken" threw me for a loop. The thing is, I misread the blurb or misunderstood it at the time I came across the novel. The book blurb references a New York City headhunter and a loose reference to the plotline. When I finally started reading it two weeks later all hope was lost for me. Too much time had passed for me to have any chance at detail oriented factual remembering. In rereading the blurb after the fact I have NO IDEA WHAT I WAS THINKING. I am laughing at myself, not with myself ;)

The Hazards of Hunting While Heartbroken (Mari Passananti)276 pagesRutland Square Press LLCISBN-10: 0615493645ISBN-13: 978-0615493640

My brain instantly made the misguided leaps as follow:

I remember this book was about a Female Headhunter. That is super strange for a protagonist profession. I wonder how many references to Dog the bounty hunter will be slipped into this.Love s…