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Stabs at Happiness (Todd Grimson)

Need something to do on a the last dismal Friday in your 2012 November? Local author Todd Grimson and Schaffner Press have put together a night of music and reading on Friday 11/30/12. It is a free event and folks should go check it out!

The shindig is going down in celebration of a new collection of Grimson short stories, “Stabs At Happiness”. Event is happening at the Jack London Bar (529 SW 4th Ave) in Portland, Oregon. Various authors will be reading shorts from the collection, live bands from 9:20 till close. Should be a good way to close out the month :) !

Yelp/Location info for Jack London (basement below the Rialto) ~~
Review- Stabs at Happiness: 13 Stories
I have a thing for Todd Grimson, his novels are sharp, clean, and tracking the pulse of cool before the cool folks know what they are looking for. His groundbreaking vampire novel ‘Stainless’, and the stylish Voodoo-chic of ‘Brand …

Feng Shui Assassin (Adrian Hall)

Ho-ly e-book gold.

Feng Shui Assassin is tailor made to be converted to a cult movie; This book demands a sequel that will probably never come, which is a damn shame. It was written (per the author) after some long pub discussions, which means auto-win right?

Harvey Barker is in London, hunting the board members of the Valentine Trust. Blamed for the death of his environmental activist sister, his goal is to destroy them one by one. As with any murder plot, the question of how to do it without getting caught is paramount to success rate. Harvey had this nailed down.

Harvey is a Feng Shui Assassin. Chi that flows easily and unfettered brings luck and grace to a persons life. Chi that becomes stagnant can bring misfortune and unhappiness. Adjusting objects in space to create pools and eddys of negative chi, Harvey’s specialty is helping nasty things happen to people by muddying their flows. His work leaves no tangible mark tying him to a crime.
Harvey opens the book by turni…