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Through the Ice, Robert Kornwise/Piers Anthony

Review: Through the Ice
by Robert Kornwise/Piers Anthony
Note: About the authors and this book - it blows me away when i read about the things that some authors will do for/with their fans. Robert Kornwise was a first time author with unfinished and unpublished book. Unfortunately, he never got the chance to finish his book. Robert died in a road accident in december 1987. His friends and family, knowing about his book, reached out to his favorite author, Piers Anthony. They asked him to read his book and see if there is anything he could do to help get it published. With a fair amount of uncertainty in what he should do, Anthony accepted the idea and read Kornwise’s book. Apparently, Robert had finished the first 8 chapters and lost the fifth. Anthony, after reading the book, was able to determine a way to help finish the book with out straying from the original authors vision or writing style. Anthony was able to accomplish this, filling in the gaps and minorly polishing the text. the prolo…

The Gargoyle, Andrew Davidson

Davidson’s book, The Gargoyle, is very easily one of the best books (fiction) that i have ever read. Jenn bought a copy and read it front to back in a couple of days. she had tears in her eyes at points and fierce anger at others. i patiently waited my turn to read. it has been about a month now since i finished the last page. i started off with the first 50 pages and found that i was not getting into the book. i could only think “what torture this is. the story is interesting, but too pessimistic for my liking.” i nearly put the book down. then right around the ordained cut off point (around page 50), Marianne Engel enters the story. i am glad i soldiered through the beginning. Marianne Engel is a sculptor of stone gargoyles. the main character is a burn victim who used to own his own porn production company. this story is about them. it is about their interactions. it is about their worlds and how they coalesce and merge. now, my previous statements were not stating that the book starte…

The Idiot Girl and the Flaming Tantrum of Death, Laurie Notaro

Laurie Notaro – Full Title:
The Idiot Girl and the Flaming Tantrum of Death: Reflections on Revenge, Germophobia, and Laser Hair Removal I really love me some Notaro. I had never heard of her a year ago, then suddenly she dropped onto my lap with a fantastic and utterly hilarious tale about her obsession with the Sims. Months later, Laurie saved my life in a dangerous situation. [more info here: not for the meek] Jennifer was excited for the release of flaming tantrum. She had it marked on her calendar, sported a small sad little smile when they pushed back the release a couple weeks, updated her calendar, and moved into anticipation mode all over again. I actually feel like I read this book twice. After it was released, Jenn and I were at the PacNW competition to Denny’s, a restaurant called Shari’s. Huddled together around cups of coffee and a full cigarette ashtray, I was reading my book and Jenn hers. Each time she came across a funny part, she s…