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Otis: Why is nobody afraid of the self driving emotional tractor?

Otis, the little red tractor, 'putt puff puttedy chuffs' around the farm. One day he becomes friends with a baby cow. What happens when a strong new yellow tractor comes to the farm? A solid book regarding friendship and hard work. Great for ages as early as 1 or 2. The pages and drawings are easy on the eyes.

Five star book!Otis (Loren Long)Lexile Measure: AD840LSeries: Otis (Book 1)40 pagesPhilomel BooksISBN-10: 0399252487ISBN-13: 978-0399252488

Kid Perspective:Otis was an instant classic in our household. My son adores this book and is in the range of 1-3 reads per day. It is a very cute and well written book that he has not yet chosen to chew on or use as a step stool, or chase one of the dogs with. Many pages are fun to play "show me a ________" with, allowing him to locate dogs and ducks in a where's waldo style read... even though it is not written that way. Plenty of pages describe actions Otis takes like leaping and spinning, this is fun to read and pantom…