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When Blood Calls (JK Beck / Julie Kenner)

When Blood Calls (JK Beck) – Vampires, Were creatures, and Litigation? How in the world does this even happen? People often refer to Lawyers as vampires? (and blood suckers, etc) but rarely if ever have the two plot elements actually met. Luke is old as hell. He is a vampiric assassin for the shadow underworld just beneath the surface of our own. He is also incarcerated and going to court, being tried for the murder of another shadow dwelling individual. This will not be the first time he has had throw down fights with the law. Over the centuries, he has been involved in a number of conflicts, investigated and exonerated. Everyone knows he is guilty but evidence is always lacking. The difference this time is that the murder was of an underworld Judge… and enough evidence to damn him is practically white glove served to the cops. Sara is an “up and coming” prosecutor in the real world. After pushing a difficult mass murder case through the courts and winning, she is offered a new job in …

1632 (Eric Flint)... Screw paradox, lets start a war!

1632 is part of the “Alternative History” genre of Fantasy/Science Fiction. A flash of light kicks off the plot in this novel. In what is initially interpreted by everyone as a nuclear blast, light blinds the residents of Grantsville, West Virginia. When they realize they have not all been reduced to ash, they step outside and determine that something very wrong has happened, their town is no longer on the east coast of North America. Grantsville is now in the year 1632, residing in the Black Forest (what will later become Germany). They are smack dab in the middle of the 30 years war. As readers, we all have the same paradox questions. The characters also recognized these potential issues, and they are addressed very quickly (first or second chapter).? They came to the conclusion early on that there are only two real theories to work with. - Time travel Paradox =”The world ends”
- Time Travel Paradox = “Multiple time streams make paradox irrelevant” As they are all still breathing, they l…

The American Alarm Clock (Glen Wright), Historical fiction

The American Alarm Clock. An alarm to “[...] wake these people from their sleep!”. Historical Fiction, published in 1972, detailing the overhaul of Central American social structures. In 1810, Mexico was an unsettled country. Manhandled and abused by Spain, they were in the midst of a hostile takeover by the Napoleanic French. Spain was relatively powerless. 300 years of oppressive rule had left the people (native born, immigrants, and those in-between) restless for a change. The Gachupine, those born in Spain, were blamed for most wrongs, including the national famine, high taxation, and violations of basic Human rights (referred to as the “Rights of Nature”). This aptly sets the scene for the first Mexican revolution. The American Alarm Clock (source of the book’s name) was the newspaper that was the primary voice for this revolution. Edited by Padre Francisco Severo Maldonado, it chronicled the ideas and core beliefs of the freedom fighters. The Clock was the first independent newsrag i…

The Magicians (Lev Grossman)

“BURN THIS” wrote Lev Grossman on the inside cover of my book. Lev was surprised to see a copy of his first novel ‘WARP’ showing up a book reading for ‘The Magicians’. He stated that most of the remaining copies are being used to hold up his broken couch at home. A humorous idea and I wonder how many new authors end up with excess copies of their first printings lying about. Unfortunately, I think I threw him off his game a bit, and feeling bad, I did not stick around to ask him any questions. Instead, I will ask them psychically, or maybe via email :) ‘The Magicians’ will not end up holding a couch off the hardwood floor of his living room. It was a phenomenal book. In Magicians, magic exists. Schools for magic exist. Students go to these schools and learn a very large amount of very dull information. There is no evil villain ala Rowlings/HP universe.. Only a life assisted by magic, or a life in a cubicle with the rest of us non-magic schmucks. Quentin Coldwater lives in one fo the borou…

Me Write Book, It Bigfoot Memoir (Graham Roumieu)

Writing a review like Big Foot (from Roumieu’s book) is similar to playing scrabble drunk and simultaneously channeling the spirit of Frank Zappa, circa “Don’t Eat the Yellow Snow” (apostrophe, 1974 ). I hope to never to do this again, it was that painful. Great book though. Me Write book write by Graham Roumieu. Very funny! Not children book, not classic literature. Somewhere in between is book, made for adult and is violent bloody. Book was write from the perspective of Big Foot. Big Foot not stupid, he just bad with language. Actually very smart fellow, use ten dollar words with ease.. very good grasp on theory, very bad in practice. Big Foot, man, myth, legend, he famous once. Use lots of cocaine and drink alcohol with friends like Emilio Estevez. When cash runs out, richy-rich friends go away. Now Big Foot write book to make people know he still around. He concerned that people are forget him from the big 70′s and 80′s notoriety he claimed. He want set record straight with stories a…
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