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Click Clack Moo, Cows That Type (Doreen Cronin | Betsy Lewin)

Moo moo moo moo moooooo moo moo momomooo moo moo.. Don't speak Moo? Neither did Farmer brown. Thus the cows are forced to open discussions via written form. It is cold in the barn and Farmer Brown must be made aware of their plight. The cows are on strike, providing written demands of electric blankets. Will Farmer Brown, break under the pressure of unionized farm animals?

Click Clack Moo has been around for enough years and well loved enough that in googling, there were several mentions of an online stage play based after this children's literature masterpiece. Pretty cool stuff. I may have to search that out

Highly suggested book!

Kiddo perspective:
So I bought this book for my Daughter. My male spawn has many books, but she is very young and is just starting her library. I placed the book in my office, and read it to both of them one time only.

What followed the next day was a newness I had never experienced. My son repeatedly would walk over to me and say "Dada. Mu&qu…

Turing Evolved (David Kitson)

According to the author's note, Turing Evolved has gone through several independent grass roots edits before becoming the polished and shiny titanium beast that it is. This is the beginning of a streak of finely crafted self published novels available for suuuper cheap. Highly recommended for any scifi nerds, mech geeks, MMORPG players, and housewife romance fans. This is an equal opportunity read.

The Alan Turing namesake should be enough to give a semi knowledgable reader insight into the core to this. Turing Evolved is an in depth look into the world of Artificial Intelligence and it's affect on our world in a fictionalized non specific future.
Jon has been kicked from the military for actions that put them in a poor light. As a Demon Pilot, his fully haptic implants allowed him to run his mech as if it were his own body, preparing for future conflicts with the Asian Union or otherworld  powers. Now, he doesn't know what he is, besides a displaced fool who should have k…

Life, Inc. (Kevin George)

They shave a small spot on the back of your head and insert a needle. They sample matter found deep inside you, delicate and evaporative. They run the tests, and with in a short time, Life Inc can tell you the precise time and date you will die. As it turns out, along side the creation of highly pollutive freeways in the sky, leaking gasses and forcing the public into oxygen masks, Life Inc has been able to analyze and validate your life force.

In the opening, the mastermind and genius who built Life Inc is dying. He travels to his lab, knowing his death clock is running. He knows that his life force has dwindled. He has a plan, to capture the final grain of life as it leaves his body, and follow it 'home'. He has proven life force, now he will prove the human soul.

10 short years later, Life Inc airs a commercial that offers the ultimate gift to humanity. At the cost of one year of life energy, you can spend 24 hours alone in open physical contact and communication with a dead…