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Click Clack Moo, Cows That Type (Doreen Cronin | Betsy Lewin)

Moo moo moo moo moooooo moo moo momomooo moo moo.. Don't speak Moo? Neither did Farmer brown. Thus the cows are forced to open discussions via written form. It is cold in the barn and Farmer Brown must be made aware of their plight. The cows are on strike, providing written demands of electric blankets. Will Farmer Brown, break under the pressure of unionized farm animals?

Click Clack Moo has been around for enough years and well loved enough that in googling, there were several mentions of an online stage play based after this children's literature masterpiece. Pretty cool stuff. I may have to search that out

Highly suggested book!

Kiddo perspective:
So I bought this book for my Daughter. My male spawn has many books, but she is very young and is just starting her library. I placed the book in my office, and read it to both of them one time only.

What followed the next day was a newness I had never experienced. My son repeatedly would walk over to me and say "Dada. Mu". After a while, he dragged me from my seat and led me to my office. "Dada, Mu". I open the baby gate and let him in. He walks over to my bookshelf, points and says "Cow mu cow".

This was the end to my daughters book ownership of Click Clack Moo: Cows that Type. From that day forward, when arriving from home, an internal switch would flip. At some point, I would be dragged to my office for "Cow Mu Cow" (spawn verbal description).

This book appears to a real hit. It gets enough laughs to remain fun and plenty of reread credit is being clocked.

My son does not yet grasp that he might be related to Farmer Brown (shared last name), if so I hope his hackles would be raised by the insensitive nature if the man, but in the mean time variations of "click clack moo" and "clicketty clicker clack moo" (my spin on it) are enough to please him.

Parent Perspective:
Half of the younger people I work with are word processor generation or newer. They have never used a typewriter. Interestingly enough, my son seems to have the concept down, but I have no idea how. We don't own a typewriter, let alone a working printer. Is he downloading information matrix style?

Click Clack Moo is actually one of the repeated read books that I have not gotten sick of. It could simply be a matter of time, but perhaps not.

Maybe the plight of the cows resonates deeper with me? At one point, Farmer Brown specifically yells "You are Cows and Chickens, I Demand Milk and Eggs".. Farmer Brown.. You DEMAND? What kind of racket are you running?

At another point, he yells about how a farmer can be a farmer if the animals are in strike. Seems to me that he has no idea what crop rotation would even mean.. All he wants to do is keep the cows lactating.. He should investigate the phrase about "keeping all his eggs in one basket".

The plight of the farm animals will be heard.

All of us cubicle plow horses will have electric blankets! Screw the man! You cant make us work mandatory OT! Work Life Balance! Work Life Balance!

Ahem.. Sorry.


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