Life, Inc. (Kevin George)

They shave a small spot on the back of your head and insert a needle. They sample matter found deep inside you, delicate and evaporative. They run the tests, and with in a short time, Life Inc can tell you the precise time and date you will die. As it turns out, along side the creation of highly pollutive freeways in the sky, leaking gasses and forcing the public into oxygen masks, Life Inc has been able to analyze and validate your life force.

In the opening, the mastermind and genius who built Life Inc is dying. He travels to his lab, knowing his death clock is running. He knows that his life force has dwindled. He has a plan, to capture the final grain of life as it leaves his body, and follow it 'home'. He has proven life force, now he will prove the human soul.

10 short years later, Life Inc airs a commercial that offers the ultimate gift to humanity. At the cost of one year of life energy, you can spend 24 hours alone in open physical contact and communication with a dead loved one.

It is interesting how much of a struggle the fictional world has in this novel, dealing with the existence of a soul. Scientifically proven life force. Can you imagine? Science and religion speaking in like terms of semi-intangible existence.. I could only hope for the marriage of these two factiosn, but predictably, the world of Life Inc still fights this fight, of science being a starved for attention meddlesome god debasing entity and religion being a starved for attention meddlesome fear monger.

This book ranks in the realm of amazing. It has complex characters, interesting science, well written action sequences, and a highly polished writing style. Add in some pulp fictionesque mystery. At $2.99, this book is a steal. Seriously..

Kevin George seems like a fairly prolific self published author. With a mature writing style, 4 series and this single standalone book under his belt, it is nice to see that he has fully resolved all of the complaint generating errors that too commonly plague self pubs. This book was effectively error free and a really great plot line with basically zero plot holes.

Can you ask for more?


Do not read comments on amazon. There are some dickbags sharing open spoilers in the small handful of negative critique. I dont know why people have to be like that.

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