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Blog: Blogger should be renamed BDSM Flogger

I was checking the iTunes App Store to see if google had released a new version of the blogger app. The current version is buggy, limited, and serves little purpose outside the realm of a simple text editor.

I found myself surprised, noting that the version I have from May 2013 was supposed to include horror and fear, prolonged graphic and sadistic violence, and much more...

I feel like I must have overlooked these features, though infrequent, I should at least know where they are activated.

Quantum Leap: Prelude (Ashley McConnell)

This is not a book review, this is a book demand. If you are a fan of the Quantum Leap television series then you must read this. Do not be confused, Prelude is the 4th book in the multi-author QL series, but whatever. I make no claims against the others, but i bet they are decent or there wouldn't be so many of them.. Or perhaps they are "Crappy Good".
I won't bother with a full review, but I do feel that a reblurb of the novel summary is warranted ;)
New Synopsis:
You know how it ends, socially awkward Beckett steps into the Quantum Leap system and his consciousness is transported haphazardly to the past. He cannot remember anything and travels time perpetually looking for a way to get back home. This gives you the back story, the politics, the subterfuge and grandstanding. This pieces together a firm picture of what happened before, and who Beckett was before losing his memory and becoming the worldly man he is now. Wanted to know about how Ziggy works, how he got…

All Timelines lead to Rome (Dale Cozort)

I am a SUCKER for alternate history stories. Dale Cozort has filled this genre need for me twice now, though it is not technically alt history. Both Cozort novels I have read deal solidly with people in our world stepping into a side dimension where tandem time is running like a river, but diverted by a single, but critical change in the historical record. 
In "All Timelines lead to Rome", the empire never left the European continent. Expansionism was stopped dead in its tracks. The Americas were never 'discovered', plague never overtook the Western Hemisphere. It was a mass cascade effect of changes, pretty much removing all semblance of a world we would recognize.
In our world, we have found that the membrane between our timelines is malleable, with the right science, weaker spots can be temporarily opened allowing access to Timeline X. The difficulty here is that any involvement with timeline x could devastate it. An organization has been built to keep the purity…

Wifey (Judy Blume)

This book is amazing, astonishing, and pertinent to the conversations of suburban depression and women's studies..

I was raised in a bookish house on a wide variety of books, not limited to Judy Blume, Beverly Cleary, Louis Sachar, and varied  Newbery Award winners.. They all held a place on my shelves, some still survive today. Interestingly enough, when younger, I never considered these writers to be anything more than Children's authors. This is no slight against them, but just a signpost showing where their primary works have influenced me. 

A short list of Blume books: Tales of a fourth grade nothing; Super Fudge; Freckle Juice; Are you there God? It's me, Margaret; all of these children novels hold direct influence on my raising.
Queue a paradigm shift: Many readers would be surprised to run across a copy of Judy Blume's Wifey. I found it, a beat up 1979 edition, on a shelf in a local thrift shop. It seemed to be a wasted opportunity not to purchase it for 99 cents. …

Dead Size (Sawney Hatton)

So.. Dead Size..
People's heads are exploding. Across town there are reports of corpses who are missing material above the neck, the heads having been effectively turned to a fine mist with bone fragment accents. The police are investigating and turning up interesting an inexplicable results. With all the gore, who could consider dating?
Gulliver Huggins could. Gulliver, the semi-neurotic local fix-it man is giddily mooning over local barista, Kat. His bland and reserved public appearance is in direct opposition of Kat's long legs, black silky hair, varied tattoos, and a fiery personality. 
Even if he could land Kat, Gulliver cannot take her home. His house is a mess, cluttered and filled with belongings of his dead parents and brother. There are also the micronians, the inches tall race of creatures who speak to him with small text and scrabble boards. His house is their house and they are very protective of it.
Then there would be the increasing threats from the giants, who are s…