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Unboxing and Review: NuNet HD ATSC Receiver and Over Air TV Antenna (ToastX2)

I really really want to cut my cord with cable tv.

Please note that this unboxing and review are based off a product supplied by OEM for review. I have too big an ego to let that influence my opinion and will call out all the flaws as applicable.
My wife and I have been watching our monthly cable costs skyrocket. What extra value are we getting out of it? more sports or spanish language channels we do not watch? another 30 versions of the Real housewives of southwestern nowheresville? Needless to say, I was excited to have a new product to test that supports my desire to untether from the cable tv empire. This unboxing doesn't focus on functionality, just product contents. 
Please ask questions in comments and I will answer them based on my experience 
key features - PVR receiver (personal video recorder), remote control, long corded Over the air HD antenna.

This is a solid middle ground product. Introductory price and introductory features.

As discussed in the Unboxing video fo…

The Big Dairy Free Cookbook: a hard transition seems less painful.

100% honest? I am addicted to the mere thought of dairy.
I was raised on milk and do not have any difficulties digesting it. It is hard for me to imagine anything more satisfying than a tooth-achingly cold glass of 2% milk and a peanut butter sandwich on 20-grain bread. Hard to beat that. Before I met my wife, I lived in a steady diet of no greater than ten food staples; three of which used flour tortillas and one I admit is just a plain bagel that I called a recipe because it used the toaster... Most everything was blanketed in a variety of milk products.

The universe doesn't care about my dream foods. My wife (Pigeon) recently found that many of her body aches and ailments are tied to her gluten and dairy consumption. She is not allergic, but it just doesn't sit well anymore and the side effects make her miserable. While not advised she should refrain from either entirely, the intolerance is causing a cascading shift in our household regarding the perception of both topics.…

Unboxing: NuCharger PB13- 13000 mAh Power Bank

Demo product provided by OEM for review.

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The NuCharger PB13 Power Bank carries a whopping 13000mAh charge. This thing looks like a brick, is built like a brick, weighs less than a pound (though it feels like at least one)...

So far so good. I have been using this power bank for several days and it is simple as pie to use. If it has power stored, you plug something into it and it simply recharges it. It charges devices pretty fast. Has two usb outconnections, so two recharges can occur at once.

I was confused on how to turn on the display and check battery status until i found the blatant power sign with a hand image holding it down.. felt stupid after that.

Shoooooooort USB cable supplied, just plan to replace it immediately.

Headset... takes some fiddling to get the rubber piece in the most comfy position. It rotates, but not easily. Once aligned, it is fairly comfortable, even long term. Acoustic music sounds great, bass is basically absent..…

Grimwood Crossing: paranormal western with a ton of bullets

Well! 2018 continues to be a solid year for indie comics.

I stumbled across the official Grimwood Crossing Instagram account and was dragged knee deep into a mire of beautifully drawn black and white comics.

Supernatural Western! Grimwood Crossing, a frontier town overrun with undead, demons, and problems with the locals. Just like smalltown Mayberry, Grimwood has the law on its side, but this Sheriff is no Andy Griffith.

The Sherrif and his Deputy have crossed the wasteland late in the afternoon. With unholstered guns, they kick in the doors of a dilapidated house to slaughter some vampires holed up there. Vamps are mot the only menace around. The folks living in Grimwood Crossing feel concerned that there is an overall increase in dangerous entities roaming the area. It appears they are rightfully concerned. A vengeful ghost from the Sheriffs past is looming, using the lives of the town folk as leverage to punish.

Not quite ground floor for this comic as there are three full issue…