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Extinction Machine: I am a cry-baby fanboy

Extinction Machine follows the trend of DMS fighting battles against foes of legend. In this case, Aliens. Or more accurately, humans in a 50+ year secret race to recreate technology from downed alien craft (roswell et al). My opinion of the book should not block a fan from reading, or a potential fan from starting the series. This is just me being a cry baby fan boy who is potentially over critical.Extinction Machine - Joe Ledger: Book 5 (Jonathan Maberry)448 pagesSt. Martin's GriffinISBN-10: 0312552211Hrm.This was my least favorite of the Joe Ledger series by Maberry. It isn't that the plotline was bad, it wasn't in fact, it was really quite good. The trouble was the heavy handedness and some love interest concerns (potential love interest concerns for the main character).With out getting too deep into the plot details, Maberry goes against his normal grain of eloquently spoon-fed details which make the plot hum and vibrate with goodness. In EM it feels more like he has …

Finding Francesca: Yourself fixing yourself fixing yourself

While I will discuss some editorial complaints in this review, I found this book highly positive, and was very intrigued by the overall concept. Please try to recognize the dynamic as it unfolds. This is an excellent book that I enjoyed a great deal.. But with some proposed "tweaks" from myself, a reader ;)Finding Fracesca (Stephanie Correa)129 pagesVervanteISBN-10: 1940847672ISBN-13: 978-1940847672While I was mid way through reading the nightmare that was American Psycho, I was teeming on the brink of 'not-okay-ness'. I was approached to read and review a self described Self Help book. My brain was melted and I felt pretty gross at that point. To be honest, this unnatural mental status helped drive my agreement to read what I would normally not. After reading the author's site, it sounded clean and refreshing and was a complete juxtaposition from current status. What better way to climb out of the hole I was sitting than something epically positive: The "Se…

American Psycho (Bret Easton Ellis)

Rarely have I been confronted by a book that makes me feel sick for humanity, a book that causes me to question my taste as a reader, and or a book which is so brilliantly put together that I can justify ignoring my impulses to turn tail and run.

American Psycho.It was disgusting and offensive, yet, I read every word of it.

Ellis's American Psycho was brilliantly written and masterfully sewn together to create the view of a killer in decline. It deserves a place on my book shelf, but will never be suggested reading, I will never loan it out. I would ask people I care about to never read it.

Presenting in detail an utter disregard for human life, women in particular, I had trouble fathoming the filth my 'soul' was accumulating by proxy of the character Bateman. The despicable and cruel beyond description, he was neither sinister nor evil. Bateman simply wasnt human. Applying morality or ethics to the character would be no different than saying an inanimate macaroni salad a…