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Envy Rots the Bones: I admit it, I prejudge books tactilely

Every once in a while you find a novel and you really have no idea what you are getting into. It might have a strange physical quality or texture which throws you off; it looks like it went through a war zone but you still carried it home. The book blurb didn't mentally sell you, but on some DNA level it did and you kept it.
‘Envy Rots the Bones’ was one of those books for me. When I received it, I hated the texture of the book. It felt too new, clean, crisp, and absolutely too clinical. The sharp edges of the cut paper felt too smooth to go with a biblical title reference and the blurb on the rear cover. It sounded like a good book but felt.. wrong.

By the last page, every perception I had was flipped. The initial feel of the book changed from ‘Too clinical’ and sharp-edged, becoming ‘surgically clean and razor sharp’.

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Stack the Bones: Early learning game for corpse hoarders

Kikkerland's Stack the Bones is actually a pretty fun game, despite it's flaws. There is also a Carrot version that I kind of want to play as well, because I like cute crap :)
The Goth im me wants to pull out some Redrum spiced rum (coffin shaped red bottle) and get some late night game action going.
I did not pay full price for this, instead found it basically unused at Goodwill, but that doesnt mean it isn't worth the $20 it seems to normally retail for.. But let's be honest here.. $3.99 (or whatever it was) is far better.

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Tea Dragon Society: Not an 80’s toy commercial, just a cute comic

Many wonderful comics start off grassroots with a webcomic or small personal zine. It is hard to keep up with them all, even using the ever less relevant RSS, you could spend eight hours a day busting through updates and micro-releases.
Tea Dragon Society is one of those wonderful small releases that could have been lost in ebb and flow of the internet ocean. Picked up by OniPress, ‘The Tea Dragon Society’ officially moves multi-genre and can live on your bookshelf.
Pre-order for 10/31/17 release!
(Oct 18th for KindleEdition)
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The Tea Dragon Society (Katie O’Neill)Age: 9 - 12 years / Grade: 4 - 772 pagesOni PressISBN-10: 1620104415ISBN-13: 978-1620104415

This is a short work of fiction. At only 72 pages, I will refrain from going to deeply into detail as the entire story could be spoiled very quickly. In this universe, t…

Crecent City Monsters: Pay attention to this!!

I stumbled into a new time sink last night: a new web comic that has the trifecta- compelling story, vivid characters, deep and astounding inkwork.

Dream Fury Comics is producing Crecent City Monsters. Releasing pages in a serialized format, there are only 17 currently published. Perfect time to get in on the ground floor of an up and coming ‘before it was cool’- though I can promise it is already cool.

It is difficult to go into detail this early in a series without just spoiling every page. Jonas, deep south magic user and band frontman heads to a gig, axe in hand (nice metaphor), and is accosted by dozens of some bizarre creatures. The Owl and Crow outside his ma’s house warn him of evil entering our dimension. Jonas has the hunger of a teenager to get out and kick any asses keeping him from his band or girl.

I look forward to where this will go.

Lighter than my Shadow: A quiet and beautiful punch to the heart

Some novels have to be broken into pieces in order to remain emotionally healthy. I remember reading a Henry Rollin's poetry book called 'To see a grown man cry', which tore at me a bit and I could only read a handful of pages at a time before taking a break; it was raw and impacting. Katie Green's graphic novel 'Lighter than my Shadow' held the same impact. It was well drawn and emotionally charged, fairly depressing but honest and real.
As with Rollin's poetry, 'Lighter than my Shadow' was immensely beautiful, worth the pain and effort to consume. They were both a punch to the heart that I had to consume in sections to refrain from being bruised.
Lighter than my Shadow (Katie Green)516 pagesLion ForgeISBN-10: 1941302416ISBN-13: 978-1941302415
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The graphic memoir genre has been growing in size over the last…