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VeryFit Smart Band: Inexpensive but not cheap

Experience based on an OEM sample for review purposes.

This budget fitness band which has a lot going for it:

Firstly being that it connects to standard USB for charging.. no screwy proprietary cord needed. Second, budget price point. If you lose it, you won't cry or beat up a stranger in frustration. Perfect? No. It has some customization issues and it’s 4-day power cell could be drained with more fidgeting use.  Overall it is a great starter for someone interested in branching out but unwilling to sell their car to afford a fitness band.

It was comfortable on my wrist and did not get that ‘fitbit’ smell of trapped sweat in plastic.

Probably the most surprising was that it has the same quality feel of prior Fitbit purchases. I expected it to have a cheaper feel to it, but it felt like a quality product as much as it appeared to be one. I doubt that anyone looking at it on my wrist or touching it would be able to tell how much it cost. The Budget aspect often turns people off befo…

Treasured Recipes: A blank canvas for your favorite foods

Cooking is a BIG DEAL in my house. My wife and I are semi-foodies, loving to make amazing food, willing to go really far out of our way for a good meal (prepping ramen eggs or bone broth days in advance). On the other side of the coin, we have been known to settle for Taco Bell (and enjoy it) on a lazy night. To support our food habit, and sometimes just to read, we have stacks of cookbooks, from Ramen noodles to Paleo, Whole30 to heart clogging sandwiches.

Recently, the publisher of the cookbook Treasured Recipes reached out and asked if I had interest in cooking from their book and giving some feedback. It sounded like a lot of fun so I agreed.

Here is the kick- Treasured Recipes is a blank cookbook. There are no recipes.

Treasured Recipes (a Blank Recipe Book ): Your Favorite Recipe Journal and Organizer
148 pages
Rockridge Press
ISBN-10: 193975495X
ISBN-13: 978-1939754950

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MO Direct Wireless Qi Charger: Not pretty but works great!

Based on a free product recieved.
The MO Direct Wireless Charger definitely works!

At a budget price, the MO direct charger works as good as it’s more expensive competitors. It connects and successfully charges my NuCharger Qi battery case. Unfortunately, the iPhone 6+ cannot wireless charge natively, as such, I cannot test/vouch for this as a direct peripheral charger. I can see this device lasting a long time with daily use as the plastic is tough and durable. Buyers should expect they will need to buy or supply a longer cord though.. The one that comes in the box is way too short to be reasonable.

The charger does get warmer than I expected when actively charging, but not unreasonably so.

The Amazon description states it is an "Artist on your desk".. I do not agree. This is not a pretty charger. It looks like the device it is (a charger), not an object crafted to enhance the desk environment.

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Wicca Practical Magic: Not about the movie (which I loooooved)

I am not a Wiccan, but I have some tendencies, enough thatI accepted a free copy of this book to review. I learned long ago that there is an incredible amount of power in belief alone, so my lack there of should not be a quanitifier of fact or proof.

Growing up in a region with a strong religious presence, I dabbled in anything NOT the norm where I lived. I spent some evenings at the Krishna temple, did some research on Catholicism, and was also a passenger on the Wiccan train. The latter, as you know from the title of this review, is where the emphasis of this review will reside.

I find that people deny the overlap between their beliefs and those of other religions. Ditto where science is concerned. Belief and science are often loving bed partners. For example, In science, we know that the right resonant frequency combined with aerodynamic ‘Flutter’ can shake a bridge to pieces. So why is it negatively reflected when a religion has belief in rocks that react to frequencies or influe…

Generations: We all forget our roots

Greater than half of my life (so far) has passed since I was a teenager. Some days I cannot even fathom the decisions I made and the sense of ambiguity I felt.

I lose the feeling associated with being both Invincible and Powerless. Everything I thought I could do seemed to have arbitrary corrals blocking the path.

Well crafted Graphic Novels like Generations help remind me if those feelings, insulating the generation after me from my history hazed misconceptions.

For reference, this Graphic novel was written by Flavia Biondi.. Many websites are misspelling her name as Bondi (no 1st i) .. I am looking at you Barnes and Nobel, and other bloggers!
Generations (Flavia Biondi)144 pagesLion ForgeISBN-10: 1941302505ISBN-13: 978-1941302507ASIN: B076HCV9Z2 Buying books through links on this site will not cost you additional money. But, these links support this site and may generate a commission. Consider buying a copy for yourself or your local library!

Everyone is running from something. It …

Unboxing the NuCharger Qi5000: oh the glorious hours of comics ahead of me..

I was recently given the opportunity to test out a battery extension case for my iphone 6+. The NuVending company hooked me up in exchange for a public review. See YouTube Unboxing video and usage perspective below:

The timing couldn’t be more perfect to begin investigation of battery accessories. I have been charging my phone twice a day for months and eeking out trickle charge wherever possible.

Why? My usage has skyrocketed.

My iphone 6+ has close to eliminated my use of PC for non work projects. My aging iPad mini is sluggish when I load up a 250MB graphic novel. Reading comics on my phone has become a defacto action and a super convenient way for me to stay up to date. The trouble is that they present poorly when the power sucking brightness is too low. All of my book reviews and video reviews are written filmed or compiled via the 6+.

The NuCharger Qi5000 is a great product, but anyone touting perfection is feeding you a line. It has flaws, not many, but noticable: some wonke…

Katrina Hates the Dead: About to earn $2.99 of my hard earned silver

I picked up a preview teaser copy of Katrina Hates the Dead through an Instafreebie link. This was my first time using Instafreebie and probably my last. Let's handle the IFreeb issue first before we talk comics.

Instafreebie is a website/App that allows authors and artists to set up giveaways and route them through an authorized system that helps diminish piracy by tracking valid app download connections. Pretty cool idea. The problem is spam email. By downloading anything you are basically giving carte blanche access for someone to email you with marketing junk. These are usually authors you showed interest in, but many of these authors have no idea about email and mailing list etiquette. I suggest avoiding this system. If you are routed there, just stop and track down the author directly.

Now! On to Katrina!

I do not have a ton to say yet. The Katrina comic I gained access to was a single 22 page issue of awesome. The apocalypse makes landfall and humanity is screwed. After th…

Some Rights of Memory: Drunk Mary is my spirit animal.

I loved this book but had to rewrite my perspective entirely 4-5 times before I felt it captured my reading experience. While this review reads a little plain, this was a complex review to put to paper. Strangely, Malone’s Some Rights of Memory started me contemplating about the past; It made me feel very lucky that I grew up with some flexible low ambitions, lots of pot, boredom, and authority problems.

In the late 1990’s I was post high-school, working crappy temp service manufacturing jobs and donating plasma for cigarette money. I spent all of my remaining cash on ramen noodles and supplemented my dietary needs with lots of booze. I found great solace in the bottomless coffee at Denny’s and free saltine crackers.

Had I been a quarter as ambitious as Aiden Davies, I could have used a fragment of that sodium-laden energy and gotten some hustle on. I could be retired right now and wandered my own private beach wearing nothing but a smile and a diamond-encrusted jock strap. Well, you…