Generations: We all forget our roots

Greater than half of my life (so far) has passed since I was a teenager. Some days I cannot even fathom the decisions I made and the sense of ambiguity I felt.

I lose the feeling associated with being both Invincible and Powerless. Everything I thought I could do seemed to have arbitrary corrals blocking the path.

Well crafted Graphic Novels like Generations help remind me if those feelings, insulating the generation after me from my history hazed misconceptions.

For reference, this Graphic novel was written by Flavia Biondi.. Many websites are misspelling her name as Bondi (no 1st i) .. I am looking at you Barnes and Nobel, and other bloggers!
  • Generations (Flavia Biondi)
  • 144 pages
  • Lion Forge
  • ISBN-10: 1941302505
  • ISBN-13: 978-1941302507
  • ASIN: B076HCV9Z2

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Everyone is running from something. It is rarely as romantic as being slotted into a hidey hole sitting quiet till the police die down. More typically it is emotional. You cannot deal with your mothers death; you are afraid of strangers on the street; you think people will hate you if you ever show a modicum of true honesty.

Generations poetically tackles this tendency to run, and the post teen languishing angst that can stifle a person from reaching adulthood. It focuses on the blinders and self-absorbed perspectives we carry, never realizing that we are not the first to come, nor the last to be here.

In the story, Matteo returns from a three year self imposed exile to Milan. When Matteo's father learned that he was in love with a man and they had a falling out. But Matteo is in a cycle. When he and his boyfriend break up, he runs back home and hides for a month at his grandmothers house.

Three generations under one roof, each of them tells a story he has never bothered to ask. The family tree is strong and has wide roots, even if you never look for them. When the apples fall from the tree, they feed the roots and we are all stronger.

Generations, by Italian author Flavia Biondi, was released fall 2017 by Lion Forge and puts on a great showing. Unlike other Italian imports the Forge released in ‘17, this one proves to be an amazing addition to their catalogue and is highly suggested for audiences 13 and older.

Not sure why every person in this region of Italy are depicted as having cheetah level freckles. Anyone have insight into this?

Disclosure: This graphic novel was provided by the author or publisher for review purposes. Unlike the Depeche Mode song ‘Policy of Truth’’ which teaches to hide facts, I always encourage people to speak their mind. Whether positive or negative, the truth matters. This review, while positive, is fact from my perspective.

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