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Plague Town (Dana Fredsti)

EDIT 05/23/12: It has come to my attention that I failed to note this book was well written. I would like to be clear that the author is descriptive and has no trouble putting sentences together. It was only my opinion of the the plot content that I had trouble with as outlined below, and as stated, each person should make their own decision.

I hate giving bad reviews but it happens. My tolerance levels are pretty high for trash fiction. When I begin reading a book, I work hard to ensure instances when I am unable to finish it are as rare as possible. I reserve the right to stop and remove myself from a bad novel, but keep this right minimally acted upon.
This novel is part of the fairly exclusive club called “Books I couldn’t reasonably spend more time on” also referred to as “I can never get those minutes of my life back”.. I made it eighty-three pages and just had to stop. It could get better later but I will never know.
Dana Fredsti’s novel Plague Town is just another book in the over-saturated Z market. It’s a shame, I had high hopes based on the author’s background in cinema and other genre. The fact that this made it to print through an actual publishing house blows me away.
Annoyances experienced in a quarter of the book:
    • A strain of influenza is taking down old and young, healthy and sickly. It is called ‘Walkers’ after the last name of the first person who contracted it. Gimme an effin break. I cant be the only person rolling my eyes because of this.
    • The female lead intended to be strong and independent, a woman who can handle anything. Turns out she is more joke than hero. She is a pre-cougar who’s primary defense is knee jerk sarcasm. I found myself rooting for her demise. I wanted her to be MORE, but ended up with MEH.
    • Apparently we have been fighting zombies for thousands of years. More eye rolling ensues:Pompeii was infested and either luck kicked in and Vesuvius blew, or someone magically caused it to occur… Suspension of disbelief, it gets a pass. Atlantis was also destroyed to keep zombies at bay.. *sigh.. Okay, it gets a pass as well, but very grudgingly.The Black Plague was a mixture of Bubonic and zombie infestations? Ok so why even read this book if peasants with pitchforks and torches in the 1300s can stop the apocalypse… It should be slam dunk for modern characters if even a quarter of a percent of the 75 Million Black Plague deaths could be attributed to Zombies were rekilled by pitchfork and sword… My wife helped me with the math ’cause I are stupid, but a quarter of a percent would be 187,500 zombies).
    • A key character advises the main character that she is part of the point zero zero one percent who can be bitten by a zombie and not become infected. Also advises that she will gain greater speed agility reaction times healing abilities…. So she is Wolverine or Blade.. Either way she’s passe.
      It is just too much. I cant get behind this novel. I had high expectation and wish luck to others picking this novel up. I hope you have a better experience.
      As Levar Burton says on Reading Rainbow “Don’t take my word for it”. Could be that you might like this book were you to read it..Chances are that you would be the point zero zero one percent immune to it\’s badness and it will make you faster and more agile. Could be that i will wait in stand by mode with a ready made “I told you so” and destroy you like Pompeii.

      Geordi found Via


      1. Better yet you could be the .001% (or whatever) who gets superfast reading skills so that it would only take you 5 minutes to get to page 83.

        I call your Plague Town, and raise you a Death Pulse, which I am scheduled to post on the 7th.

      2. wish i could read that fast..
        85 pages takes me 2 hours...

        i only read as much as i do because i am damned persistent!

      3. I dunno...I enjoyed the heck out of it. Of course there's some eye-rolling involved -- that kinda the point when a story doesn't take itself too seriously. Same with all the pop culture's winking at the reader (assuming s/he will play along and wink back). Seems to be getting pretty good feedback on Amazon. Maybe they're all seeing something you didn't?

      4. Kudos Chaburchak!
        I am glad you enjoyed it. I really was anxious to read this and was looking forward to it. The fact that it is trending well with other readers is great and i am glad for the author.

        i recognized the tongue in cheek, just wish i would have had a better experience..


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