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Interstellar Pig, William Sleator

When i was a kid, i spent a lot of time at the library. every week or so, we would head to the local branch and walk out with armloads and tote bags full of books.? i remember my parents forced us impose a personal book limit on what we could check out. this maximum limit was a real pain in the ass, but it did force us to expand our horizons and read outside the comfort bubble we were in. this expansion was the only way we could ensure that we would not run out of stuff to read. i remember that one week, i had already reached my maximum. my dad walked over and handed? me a copy of William Sleator’s Interstellar Pig. it pushed me over my limit for the week but no one gave me any crap over it. my dad had never read the book before, but he had a good feel for the bizarre nature of his kid and it was a good call. i ahve never forgotten the name of this book, nor it’s plotline. at one point, i was even found sleep walking and describing of of the characters as having been in the house. after r…

Patient Zero - Jonathan Maberry

its been about a month since i read this book. since i finished, i have stew over it and passed it on to at least two other people. i guess this means i need to write about it too, as i obviously enjoyed it. ZOMBIES, but not your typical variety. There was no alien flyby? or radiation leak that caused these undead to rise and eat flesh. At no point did hell fill up and the souls of the damned rise to retake the earth. Patient Zero is pure science. science and violent horrific terrorism bent on destroying americans and all who stand beside them. terrorists have begun activating cells testing out a new bio weapon that kills and reanimates. Joe Ledger is brought into the mix to head up a team of black-ops that will attempt to save us all. Book 1 in Jonathan Maberry’s new series is fuckin awesome. You dont pick it up expecting Hemingway, there is no desire to be reminded of The Great Gatsby or the Hours. you know? what you are getting into from the first page. this is not to say that he is n…

Trilogy- The Genesis of Shannara - Terry Brooks

I have long been told that Terry Brooks was a writer i would enjoy, but i really had no strong desire to start reading his mammoth Shannara series. 19 books is quite a commitment to a single author, as such, i just never got around to reading any of them. About six months ago, i ran across a copy of Armageddon’s Children on the cheap. I read the inside cover and it was pretty clear that this was a standalone book, and a nice introduction into Brooks, with out having to commit myself to a mass reading project. i picked up the book and read it, enjoying the whole plot. Unfortunately, the book ended up not being a standalone. Instead, it was the first book in a standalone TRILOGY. the prequels to the Shannara series… damn you publishing house.. damn you. The other two books are “The Elves of Cintra” and “They Gypsy Morph” I searched out and found matching hardback copies of the rest of the trilogy and got sucked into the story with absolutely no effort. The series is pretty solid. it detail…
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