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The Big Store- Inside the Crisis and Revolution at Sears

Published in 1988, this book tracked the beginning to ‘middle end’ of the Sears story. It is a nice little time capsule. The Author, Donald Katz (Audible Founder/CEO) recently rereleased the book with an updated foreword that touches lightly on the post ‘88 years and changes. At the time of this writing, the Audible version was free to all, even those (such as me) who are not Audible subscribers.

At the beginning, Sears had a winning playbook. Stacking its personnel via the loyalty of military servicemen returning home, Sears built a permanent workforce and a brought in nearly 1% of the US national GDP. Through breakdowns in management, distributing regional propriety over all decisions, and ignorant disregard for competition; the market ownership toppled.

The Big Store details the cowboy behavior of the Sears management and uses no less than three references to ‘Son-of-a-Bitches’ in the 600 pages. Management success is outlined and measured by the number of open-heart surgeries and …

Excited for an upcoming Monty Python Alumni release

I am getting very excited for an upcoming non-fiction release, Julian Doyle’s The Monumental Secret of the Crucifiction. The book investigates details and documentation that may lead to an interesting and logical conclusion that Jesus Christ did not die on the cross as is told around the campfire. The shift in perspective to lend credence to medical delusion and purports social chicanery that a major religion bases its core on.

With the book release occuring on May 20th, I am hoping to get my grubby reader mitts on a copy.

Point of note-

Being a huge fan of Monty Python, I can’t say the Julian Doyle’s name was one I remembered. Editor to key films such as The Life of Brian and other TerryG’s Brazil/Time Bandits, I was dar too captured by the cinema to see his name. These films influenced me greatly, so now that the puzzle pieces fit..


Release Date: 20th May 2018 Genre: Non-Fiction Page Count: 217 Publisher:Chippenham Books Goodreads Link:…

Tadd Galusha’s Cretaceous: Unexpectedly heart wrenching

When I picked up an advance copy of this (March 2019 release), I grabbed it purely because my elder spawn would love it. I figured it would be good because Tadd Galusha was the driving artistic force, but I had no expectation it would be something I would be more excited about than my dino obsessed kiddo.
Cretaceous is the tale of a Tyrannosaurus Rex family. Mother and Father, hunting, get separated- causing one to be slaughtered. Infant T-Rex stays alive after the annihilation of it’s nest. The remaining T-Rex parent hunts a pack of Albertosaurus Sarcophagus who are stalking the last child
The art on this is phenomenal. Wide sweeping two page spreads, unusual (but not overtly artsy) camera angles keep the images interesting. The only text in this book is the occaisional onomatopoeia smacking and crunching through the book.