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Zombie Jebus Day / Fat White Vampire Blues

Beer beer beer wine beer… what a night.? i ate beef and drank a lot. Jenn puked. Sean was a smart ass as we smartass schooled his ass at pool. Zombie Jebus day. . he died. he was reborn undead. many people follow him virally, religion is viral.. his legs never needed to be shaved or combed because his hairs was fine/dandy. women swooned, men swooned, standing water stood still in his honor. mascara smeared and was revitalized in a matter of moments.? other silly things occurred.. alas, the powers of the undead could not win against the mutant egg laying bunny. the virus began losing strength and zombi-christ died. our pagan brothers and sisters weep as they see fertility blossom, become wasted, and rot under the falling pre-april rains. all hail Zombie Jebus, may he eat the brains of all Al-anon-believers… he will become drunk on their blood and his frenzy will be fierce. he will rip them apart limb by limb and create a pretty painting from ther squirting blood. some will call it art, o…

Best search terms / Heart shaped Box, Joe Hill

I was going through logs and analytic data the other day and was surprised when i noticed that the search terms used to reach this site have taken a drastic change.
these really blow me away. I guess this is the drawback to using a database driven site. it is all accessible as a single page and thus search terms can be applied that are not actually together in reality. I have blog used in some posts, co worker in others, and raped in the ass used elsewhere.. combined together though, i end up with traffic from some sick fucked up rapist loser. sigh.. the humor of it all makes me glow.
TAKE THAT ! one less website that matches your true desires!! Search terms:
blogs i raped my coworker
jesus in my ass
dicks from little boys
someone dead in a car
hermaphrodite porn
black fuckers incorporated
ass whole ~~ Book review: Joe Hill. Some may know him as Joe Hillstrom King, of the family King. Son of Stephen King (Richard Bachman) and Tabitha King (Tabitha Spruce). Apparently growing up with a couple writers i…