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Interview: Q and A w/ Jonathan Maberry - on 'DEAD OF NIGHT'

Hear ye, hear ye! – potential spoilers loom below! Zombie novel DEAD OF NIGHT (Review) was published last fall but recently released in trade paperback format.Author Jonathan Maberry was kind enough to answer some questions on his novel, Thanks a lot for your time Mr.Maberry! Some quick background info:
Maberry has dabbled over the years with such things as being a NY Times bestselling author, being a multiple Bram Stoker Award winner, and fiddling in the Graphic Novel/comics world by working with Marvel Comics. His versatility is not limited to the zombie fiction we refer to here, nor is it limited to the acclaimed Joe Ledger novels I have been rabidly consuming for the last year or two; Jonathan has written features and standard column work, he has written greeting cards (song lyrics?) and non-fiction. Jonathan also created and teaches an ‘Experimental Writing’ class for teen authors. Visit him online at and on Twitter (@jonathanmaberry) and Facebook. (Check …

BLOG: Maberry's Dead of Night Shambling Zombie Blog tour

So anyone who knows me, knows that author Jonathan Maberry is one of my favorites. he puts out a book and i salivate over it and rearrange my reading list to make it magically at the top.

With this in mind, I am glad to announce that I am participating in his "Shambling Zombie blog tour" [see Maberry's 02/07/12 post]. He has agreed to answer a few questions by email, which will be posted here on Saturday 02/25/12 for your viewing pleasure.

In the mean time, check out the link above for other tour participants.
I found a couple sites were far more entertaining than others:

Examples -
Hell Notes - on Dead of Night
Review on Horror World
Q/A at Rex Robot


I feel a little bad.. It looks like about a third of the folks on his tour just dropped the ball entirely.. you hit up their sites and.... nothing....

Whats up with that folks?

Dead of Night (Jonathan Maberry)

If you put all cultural Zombie dogma together and made a box, we would all be mewling puppies inside said box with Maberry using a nail gun to give us breathing holes to avoid suffocation. In the publication of ‘Dead of Night’, Jonathan Maberry succeeds again in providing a Zombie novel that is not crippled by generations of genre dogma. Others are also participating in the uncrippling of the genre, (D. Wellington, S.G. Browne, M. Brooks) helping drive a resurrection to a dying and over saturated plot crutch. Quick Summary – A serial killer is put to death. The world breathes easier when they know he is gone, when witnesses have seen him pumped full of poison. They feel safer, with one less killer on death row. The citizens of Stebbins County find themselves feeling less than safe a day later though. There are four main issues impairing their “feel good” feelings of goodness: 1- The poisons put into this killer were not what were approved by the State of Pennsylvania corrections. 2- …

BLOG: Never ending series (just ranting)

I write this as I sit on my fat ass inside Powell's books. The staff are staring at me as if I am wasting their air; look at me as if not having a book in hand is enough to ban me.

I cannot put a book in hand however. I am too frustrated.Recently, I became familiar with the work of author Charles de Lint. I have perused his shelf in this store a number of times. The titles plots and cover art are enamoring. As such, he has become one of my “must make time for” authors, moving other books to raise de Lint higher in the queue.

I was lucky enough to get a free copy of ‘Someplace to be Flying’, one novel I have had a specific itch to consume. I was glad to take this reasonably loved then retired library book.

Now the crux of my issue, why I am so mad at this free book. I learned today that Charles de Lint has a fictional town called Newford, and this town has an entire series tied to it referred to aptly as the Newford Series. This book is chronologically placed around the eighth in t…

Heck (Dale E. Basye) - Guest Reviewer

Oh for the love of books -
My wife (Jenn) and I bought a lot of books this year for folks in the family. It was a bookish christmas for all. Gifts included cook books, choose your own adventure, crafts, fashion history, things pertaining to sparkly vampires, things pertaining to general awesomeness. Included in the pile were a couple if the “Heck” books for my niece Kaitlan (hence referred to as KRB). Jenn and I had been eyeballing these books for our own recreational reading as they seemed fun in an irreverent and enjoyable way. They seemed similar to “Sideways stories from Wayside School” (Louis Sachar) and other books from when were were younger. As such, they would be a perfect match for anyone blood related to either of us. KRB was the recipient of these books, and lucky for me, KRB decided to provide her review of the first book in the series when she finished reading it. Short and to the point, this review is solid age appropriate insight (spelling and all) for anyone hovering …