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Lord bless this 7-layer burrito

I went to Toxic Hell (taco bell) today and bought lunch.. I was poor and hungry, can't fault a guy for making brash decisions in a hunger crisis.

What blew me away was the wonderful thing I saw while I was there. 
At the table next to me, I witnessed a family of four prayin' before they ate, arms folded elbows on the table style prayer.

In my Imagination:

"We remember you, Lord, as we eat the seventh layer as it is your layer, and your number. Please remember our hardships and give us your grace to make our fiesta salsa (pico) full of life and flavor.... Ok everyone, eat up.. if you finish your food, maybe we can get God to treat us to Empanadas! "

I don't think that even God could make "The Bell" healthy and nourishing....

Religion Perspective : like Nightclubs

If religions were like trendy night clubs then preachy Christians, Satanists, Jews, etc.. would be the patrons of the club that are always claiming/bragging that they know the owners. This may be true. It is equally possible that have never met the owners and only know of them through their reputations and rumors. They are just looking for a free drink and access to the VIP room. They are looking to be cool by association, with out actually having the association. They are the ones that don’t allow guest DJ’s to spin new records.

If religions were like night clubs, they would be the regulars that might slip a roofie in your drink so that they can take you home and show you that no matter how many times you say “No” your perspective means less than theirs… Because they “Know” the owners of the club, people assume that they belong.

From my perspective, I don't mind going to clubs. They don’t generally play music that I like and depending on the night club, the drinks are often pret…

Left Of the Dial - 50 Greatest “Conservative rock songs”

At first I was confused when someone sent this site to me.

Scott starts the article off critiquing something he read in the National Review (magazine) . Unfortunately, it isn't till you scroll about halfway through that you start really understanding as he posts copied text from the article into the second half. Afterward, I wholly support going back and reading the first half as it will make more sense and is really very good.

Getting to the point - What is this? It is a list of the 50 greatest “Conservative rock songs”. After each song you have a delightful look at what was going through their mind/why they felt it ranked. The saddest bit is that most of the songs are not all that great. Good? yes… Great? no… Some of the loose connections made in their explanations are hilarious. Others make you feel sad for the human race and it’s inbred stupidity… We need fresh DNA people..
Related only by the fact that…

Portland: Open letter to the community (Tom Potter / FBI)

Office of Mayor Tom Potter
City of Portland MEDIA ADVISORY CONTACT Date: May 24, 2006 John Doussard: 503-823-2855
E-mail: MAYOR POTTER WRITES OPEN LETTER TO PORTLANDERS OVER FBI’S BEHAVIOR Mayor Tom Potter has released an open letter to the community describing an attempt by an FBI agent to recruit an informant inside the offices of City Hall. Federal authorities have since told the Mayor that they know of no public corruption in Portland and are not conducting any investigation of the City. In his letter, the Mayor tells the community that the attempt comes “at an uneasy time for many Americans. In the past few weeks, we have learned that our phone records are not private, and conversations are monitored without warrants.” Mayor Potter concludes that, in the absence of any suspicion of wrongdoing, the agency’s actions smack of “Big Brother.” The Mayor’s complete text can be viewed at
Full Text: An Open Letter to the Port…

The Confederate States of America (CSA Movie)

I went to the Hollywood theater tonight and watched the new Spike Lee produced film “CSA: Confederate States of America”..

Based around the Confederate government during the Civil War, the movie shows a version of what the world could have been, had the Confederate armies beaten out the Union and the south were the victors of the American Civil War.

There are a lot of similarities to our modern lives, and many instances in the movie were based off of factual situations (propaganda, advertisements, Civil War history). Much of it was meant to be humorous, and in some places sickening.. All in all I loved hating it and vice-versa.

I would highly suggest it for any history buffs or just the generally curious. Be warned though, you have to laugh sometimes, otherwise, the ideas it throws out can get painful.. Really painful. Laughter is a mechanism for coping.

 Movie site

Tom and Viv: A Secondary form of mental illness...

A quote from the movie “Tom and Viv” (IMDB). Movie is a version of the difficulties T.S. Eliot and his wife Vivienne had during and after they were married.

Doctor: We consider it a secondary form of mental disease, and it is notorious in attacking young women of exceptional gifts. The patient fails to understand her social position and her duty to society. She becomes vulgar and impulsive and frequently shows a rebellious disregard for propriety. And it is this condition that the law and the medical professions define as “Moral Insanity”.

T.S. Eliot: Insanity?

Doctor: Technically, yes.
It was likely she was only (moderately) chemically unbalanced but “modern medicine” was unable to see it. I had to quote the movie, dramatized as it was, because it cracked me up. Per the Doctor, half to a third of the people I know are suffering from “Moral Insanity”.

According to Wikipedia: Moral insanity was proposed as a category of medical diagnosis by Dr. James Prichard in 1835. He described it …

Stairway Mania (Stairway to Heaven in reverse)

Stairway mania DEAD LINK - Use secondary link below -Found via boing boing.

In short… Guy memorizes Stairway to Heaven backwards and sings it.
Someone else records it, plays it backwards and over lays an audio track so you can hear him singing along… In reverse.. Wait.. I mean forward..

More info at the link (and the video too) so I don't have to explain it in detail.

If the video doesn't work, check the site, they have a viral vid style mirror somewhere.
G’damn I love wing nuts..