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Die Famous! (R. Daniel Lester)

‘Die, Famous!’ surprised the hell out of me. Found at Goodwill for a whopping $1.99, I bought this novel with no thought that it would be capable of spanning generations as a classic, only that it would be “crappy-goodness”. The cover caught my attention, the synopsis baked the overall premise into my brain. Cha-ching, 2 bucks spent. I figured it cant be worse than actual reality tv, which has a strange magnetism that both sucks me in and nauseates me. . I was wrong on a number of levels. ‘Die, Famous!’ is witty, well written, epitomizes the reality culture and mind set. I couldn’t stop reading it. It was well approached, giving a perspective to all characters via reality tv confession booths, but the core story follows a single man. He has been given four hours to tell the tale from start to finish, confessing all details. Instead of chapters, you are given a countdown of this four hour period. The plot centers around thirty-two reality tv all-stars being dropped into a new game wit…

New Dad’s take on must read “baby books”

Three books reviewed below:
What to Expect When You’re Expecting, 4th EditionHeading Home with Your Newborn: From Birth to Reality, 2nd EditionBe Prepared: A Practical Handbook for New Dads
So amongst the months of recent and varied technical site issues, I was also combating the utterly ambiguous feelings of fear and excitement of being a soon to be/new dad. Jenn (my wife) found out she was pregnant late last year, and we were expecting a birth in mid-August. We were trying to keep it on the down low in many arenas, so this is the first time I have made mention of it here on my site. At this point, I am a new Dad, my boy Finnegan was born safely (woot!) and the wife is doing well. I am proud to have a new perspective on a number of things. I also have the unusual task of talking about “Baby Books” when normally I am well entrenched in some form of fiction.
As a reader, I did what could only be assumed as right, I read a bunch of books on the topic in an effort to prep myself. One was …