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Why should you read The Auteur (ONI Press)

Every issue of this series gets stranger and stranger. So how can I talk you into reading it?Edward Penishands, TripleX parody figure behind the pr0n of the same name. Makes an appearance in issue two and subtly added to the front cover.I can only imagine if TRex performs a flailing Wynona Rider dancing flurry if snow scene while edward wriggles his hands in the air... Yes. Ive seen the pr0n on vhs a hundred years ago. Ahem. Read it, but watch where you sit, it might be sticky.The thing about Auteur is that no matter how many times you read each issue, there is some nuance you missed, some element that will catch you eye, some area which causes you to question "should I be offended? should I be disturbed by may unstoppable laughter?" Runonsentance..If you are someone like me and do not mind stripping the issue, each issue contains a center fold poster. Just pop the staples, and post it in your office cubicle. Keep a motivational poster to cover it up when your boss is near.. …

All Aboard the Dinotrain: Fun book and a suspicious dinosaur hug

Dinotrain is a high paced rhyming story of several dinosaurs going on a trip via train. They hit various snags as they go and are forced to think quickly in order to remain safe. The Dinosaurs have a rumbling journey which will lead them to bigger and better, though probably predictably similar, adventures.
All Aboard the Dinotrain (Deb Lund | Howard Fine)Age Range: 3 and upLexile Measure: 50030 pagesHMH Books for Young ReadersISBN-10: 054755415XISBN-13: 978-0547554150
This is a great book for boys and girls, but bad for parental sanity.Kids Perspective:
DINOSAURS! rawRAWRawr!!! My son despised this book at first, I think that some of the words were confusing and caused him to lose interest, several Dinowords on each Dinopage are prefixed with Dino for no apparent reason. We came back to this book a month or so later and he began obsessive rereading. He interacts with the pages and wants to know the names of each dinosaur. He also appreciates when people read the 'Kersplash!' Whi…

Code Zero (Jonathan Maberry)

A couple weeks back, a good friend of mine asked me for a suggestion on a new series to invest time in. I immediately suggested Joe Ledger. I gotta stress to people the importance of paying attention. A mere two days after giving this suggestion, he had completed book ine and started book two. To his surprise thiugh, Code Sero was similar in name but was NOT the second book. The level of mind numbingly important spoilers in this book should deter anyone from skipping books. JUST DONT DO IT.

Textually, there is a LOT going on in this plotline. The world is under attack by seemingly unrelated terrorist attacks, they seem random and the only potential element tying them together is a cryptic message broadcast across all TV and Internet capable systems. The message is from Mother Night. She advises the world that she exists, then shares a cryptic message to some faceless masses. The Department of Military Sciences watches as the horrors of their past lurches forth with an unspeakable venge…