All Aboard the Dinotrain: Fun book and a suspicious dinosaur hug

Dinotrain is a high paced rhyming story of several dinosaurs going on a trip via train. They hit various snags as they go and are forced to think quickly in order to remain safe. The Dinosaurs have a rumbling journey which will lead them to bigger and better, though probably predictably similar, adventures.

  • All Aboard the Dinotrain (Deb Lund | Howard Fine)
  • Age Range: 3 and up
  • Lexile Measure: 500
  • 30 pages
  • HMH Books for Young Readers
  • ISBN-10: 054755415X
  • ISBN-13: 978-0547554150

This is a great book for boys and girls, but bad for parental sanity.

Kids Perspective:
DINOSAURS! rawRAWRawr!!! My son despised this book at first, I think that some of the words were confusing and caused him to lose interest, several Dinowords on each Dinopage are prefixed with Dino for no apparent reason. We came back to this book a month or so later and he began obsessive rereading. He interacts with the pages and wants to know the names of each dinosaur. He also appreciates when people read the 'Kersplash!' Which is kind of hidden on an important page.

Parent Perspective:
If I never see the word Dino again, I might STILL harbor some hatred for this book's author and illustrator. My son adores this book but it drives me bonkers. At one point I had to purposefully read the book with on the fly Dino censorship just to be able to keep my brain from melting.

It is strange that the Dinos are going on a trip for no reason.. None of the Carnivores are eating the lesser creatures.. The train is filled with Coal and Oil and Lumber and Grain... Isn't it a bit wrong for them to be riding in a train fueled by petrified plant matter and the corpses of their ancestors?

Lastly, Lizards should not drive trains.. Not only is the bridge broken, but so are their brakes on a huge downhill slope. Investing in maintenance is a super important message that parents should sneak into the story. Learn them kids while they be young.

Don't giggle too hard when you see the Dinosaurs in a very orgy looking hug. That is just your adult brain screwing with you, it is totally tame and safe, gutter brain.

In the end, the Spawn loves it, so all the pain is worth it.

Source: Not every kids book which enters my home do I remember who to blame for. Unfortunately, this book was purchased by me, using my money, at Powells Books. I can only blame myself for the mental dinobeating I recieve.


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