Blood and Tacos - Penetrator ManKill and others kick ass content

Blood and Tacos issue 1 is pretty awesome folks.
You can read it for free at
Alternately, if you want a copy you can save and keep forever and ever, it is for sale on Amazon for a whole dollar. $0.99 cents of glory.
In a nutshell, it has a series of short stories that are written to appear as if they were long lost relics of the manly man era of pulp fiction. You know the time frame… we are talking chest hair, mullets, cheesy one liners, blood, fist fighting. All the things that make a Charles Bronson film awesome and the Joe Don Baker movie “Mitchell” so damn terrible (awesome).
Current issue includes work by Gary Phillips, Matthew C. Funk (what a name), Johnny Shaw, and lots of other awesome authors.. Each story is written as if the author “Found it” in an archive. Check the About page of the site for more details.
There are no unicorns here, unless they are fighting against a grizzly.
The men don\’t cuddly, they fight fuck then flee, leaving behind a trail of broken hearts and breathy breasty women.
Blood and Tacos is what it sounds like. Two kick ass things that are awesome alone, but together could be disturbing or double awesome.

Not enough for you?
How about some pulp reviews from bygone days?
Jimmy Callaway from the Criminal Complex posted a review for ‘Penetrator: Mankill Sport’. Issue 14 of the Penetrator was essentially a rip off of ‘The Deadliest Game’, and Jimmy’s perspective is pretty good on the matter, and i envy his copy of this book. I would read this book based on the cover alone.
What I find interesting is that though Jimmy picked up on a loose feminist leaning in part of the book, he failed to mention that:
    • The book title looks like a penis. actually, it is more like a kaleidoscopic cock trap.. the more i star at it, the hard it is to look away, and the less the letters look like letters… Is that even a word? No.. It’s a cock.
    • The center figure is holding a phallic spear, Machine gun = penis!
    • A bear on the cover (read man on man grizzly love?) ‘Nuff said
    • The woman on the cover may not actually be a woman.
      But if she is, she will be penetrated.
    • One of the main characters,Johnny Utah, shares a name of a Keanu Reeves character in Point Break.. Which was also a very manly man movie, probably written by someone who read this book.

    Blood and Tacos.
    Get on it folks. This shits awesome :)
    Free if you wanna read it, a buck if you want a fully formatted digital copy to keep.
    No idea if archives will remain on the website…. It is unclear, or i am blind.. both are possible.


    1. Why tacos? I like tacos, but I don't understand the reference to the Bronson Era Flicks.

      You of course had the African American, Shaft, but I don't see the Mexican association.

    2. As i didn't make the web-zine, i can only guess.
      let me ponder this and shall get back to you.

      regarding Bronson, its the "Crappy goodness" of it that i was referencing. same vein as Shaft :)
      So bad it's good,

    3. Hey, man, thanks for the kind words. As far as the phallic stuff goes, I had to reel it in, otherwise it woulda been nothing but dick jokes. And I was fast asleep on the Point Break thing. Johnny Shaw picked it up, which is why he's team leader.

    4. does saying "insert dick joke here" count as a joke by itself?

    5. This looks like it could take a piss on my Dean Koontz horrors. I like it!

    6. this may just be my favorite comment my entire website.

    7. I like most of the varieties listed, but I would say just a beef taco is my favorite. When I make ours, I like to lightly fry the flour tortillas, it really brings the taste out! Also, we use Chipotle tabasco sauce, it ads a smokey kind of flavor, and is not as hot as normal tabasco sauce.

    8. purely because the 1970's male had no available love for single horned creatures. anything with a phalli8s on it's face is just no okay with them.

      the modern man can recognize the awesome with out any same.. but this is largely in part due to the release of the epic "Unicorn vs Battle Dolphin" image which took the internets by storm years back.

      alternately we may be weaker versions of our caveman ancestors.. but, i prefer to think of it more as an embrace rather than a failure.


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