BLOG: Kickstarter! - Murder of Crows, Athena

If you are a book blogger, book reader, or aspiring author, check in your couch for a dollar. repost this, help out where you can..  $1.. Even a buck helps..  To be honest though? 4200 dollars/backers would help more..
(SCROLL DOWN for a synopsis)
Then spread this information far and wide.. : Projects – Murder of Crows
Athena has 11 days left on her funding attempt (!! via KickStart !!). Her book is written, arc copies have been read and feedback given to her. She will be hitting up a respected Portland editor, and jumping through the hoops with any money collected.
Any one interested in assisting an awesome author, jump on this!
You could help bring a book into existence, and gain karma points if you are trying to publish yourself later :)
There are kick ass perks.. Pledge what you want to, but I suggest $130. gets you:
    • an ebook copy
    • a signed dead tree copy
    • custom bookmark
    • your name in the book’s acknowledgments section
    • but most of all.. you will make Athena smile.. and that is worth any money you can spare.
    • enough backers at that range makes less than 40 backers needed
      ten bucks, less than 400 needed.. one buck, 4000+ see the math?
    Novel Synopsis, AKA, what you would be helping support:
    Fable Montgomery is the Muse of Story.
    Fourteen years ago she gave up her memories, her lover and her world to prevent a new Dark Age. But when Fable’s aunt is murdered, the fate of two worlds rests on Fable’s ability to recover the memory she worked so hard to destroy.
    In a surge of power she writes the Prophecy of Crows, a 240 page manuscript of the future. Yet before she can read it, all but thirteen pages are stolen. The remaining thirteen pages lead her through the story but the last page foretells her death.
    And if Fable dies, all stories die with her.
    Read the first three chapters at


    1. Sir, you- are- Awesome.
      Thank you so much for the plug and the help. Your support means a lot to me and to the project :-)
      Thank you!!!


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