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Gateway (Frederik Pohl), Heechee Saga 01

Space scares me. Scratch that.. When I am on the beach, I do not fear drowning in the ocean. It is not what happens to my body after I am dead that frightens me. I don’t really fear the numerous little nibbly biting things that will slowly devour my corpse until nothing remains. Space is similar. I do not fear decompression. I don’t really fear the floating forever bit with no boundaries or edges, just an expanse of nothingness with no explanations or hope of understanding in my lifetime. There is an unknown number of little nibbly biting things who may or may not want to eat my corpse, but they will never have the opportunity due to lack of accessibility by proxy of statistical impossibility/unlikelihood. With the ocean and space, both are wrought with the essential danger of asphyxiation. Decompression and lack of oxygen in space is not too far removed from increased pressure and lack of oxygen under water. They are all minor details when you get to that level. What gets me sweating abo…

Hara's Legacy: Resonance Mates 01 (Bianca D'Arc)

DO NOT read this book. Bravo Bianca – Bravo Samhain Publishing, I fell for your ploy. Browsing through Amazon, I found a copy of Hara’s Legacy and was sucked into the summary. I wish I hadn’t been though. This book was trying to be a sci-fi cock tease and the only of these this world needs are on Joss Whedon’s Firefly. On its own merit, it was like an inexperienced lot lizard, thinking a bunch of truckers running a train on her is foreplay and showing her boobs is worth a ride out of salt lake city… Hara’s Legacy grabbed my attention, promising a plot-line that is right up my alley. On near future earth, aliens have decided to drop in and make themselves home. In order to makes the planet safe for them, they bombarded the planet with Crystalline seeds which vibrate and re-tune the planet to the benefit of their biology, and detriment of human. Some humans are able to survive the planetary reboot. Those humans who survive often have levels of dormant and active psychic abilities. This nov…