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California Demon / Frisco Pigeon Mambo

two new book reviews this week.. already working on my third…
perhaps i should be investing some of this reading time into scanning business reply cards…. nah…. maybe later….
California Demon – Julie Kenner California Demon is the second book in the Demon Hunting Soccer Mom series. it picked up about 4 months after the last book and dragged me into the depths of “Momhood” all over again. i wont go into much detail as the read is well worth the hours you would put into it. after surviving the last book, Kate is caught up in another treacherous demon scheme where she has to save humanity from high level demons. this time she has extra worries though.. Chapter one begins the problems with her deceased husband. secret notes from him, bank accounts.. and HIS SOUL POSSIBLY INHABITING THE BODY OF HER DAUGHTERS SCIENCE TEACHER! man… its like a soap opera for me,, i cant get enough.. in order to savor the series a little more, i am taking a break to read a couple other books before hitting the thir…

Crosses (Shelley Stoehr)

I was recently in a bookstore with Jenn. we had about an hour wait until we would be able to go see a movie together. what to do, what to do.. well, lets go over to the mall bookstore and browse the shelves. we are both avid readers so it is always nice to talk books with her. as an example, in one conversation we ended up talking about children s books. i described a book to her (i was at a loss for the name of the book or the author at the time, even though it was one that was in my collection). she stated that she had never read it but as a child she had seen the cover many times and it stuck out in her memory. i was uncertain that she really remembered it because well, her having never read the book, my descriptions could not be all that helpful. Interestingly enough, the next day she came forward with a full cover image of A Wrinkle in Time by Madeleine L’Engle. Proper respect given, i now take her word on books even more seriously than when i first met her, and that says a lot a…
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