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Assassin's Code: Genetic engineering has never been so fun

For those who are reading Maberry's Joe Ledger series, this book is going to knock you on your ass.Assassin's Code - Joe Ledger, Book 4 (Jonathan Maberry)432 pagesSt. Martin's GriffinISBN-10: 1250006678ASIN: B00A17NS2OIt continues to follow the arc of fighting unknown evils in a world where we are kept blissfully unaware of the horrorshow behind the scenes. Ledger and the DMS have already conquored biological warfare, genetic engineering, nazis offspring, secret societies, varying global destruction plots, and the trust of bottled water.. How is a guy supposed to top that? Maberry has no trouble doing so. He pulls from his world an ancient pact in the middle east, rival factions and an absolutely f*cked up history for some potential Department of Military Sciences allies, some long awaited glimpses into Church (the man and the org) backstory, and a whole lot more.The difficulty here is a this is book four in a series. Book five is already on shelves, the sixth book is comi…