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Lamb / The Magician and the Fool

Lamb by Christopher MooreImitation Leather: 432 pagesPublisher: William Morrow; Spl Gft edition (October 23, 2007)andThe Magician and the Fool by Barth Anderson
Advanced Reader Copy (not supplied by publisher)Paperback: 290 pagesPublisher: Bantam (March 25, 2008) What with moving out of my apt, i have not had a whole ton of time for reading. in fact, it took me over a week to read Lamb, which was a real shame.. it should have been one i could never put down. it deserved that kind of attention. Christopher Moore is a phenomenal writer. he put out a couple fairly hilarious books i have head in the past (thanks Jenn) and so when this was handed to me, i was anxious to crack it open and start the absorption process. Lamb: The Gospel according to Biff, Christ’s childhood pal: this book is a work of fiction, compiled from a number of sources and the authors brain. it has sex murder resurrections spontaneous healing. Lamb basically covers from year 10 of Jesus’s life to the crucifixion, primarily…

The little girl and the cigarette - Plus SummitSummit

The little girl and the cigarette by Benot DuteurtrePaperback: 187 pagesPublisher: Melville House (March 1, 2007)Summit Summit (Gordon), brother of the Mousetress. a good friend of mine. Back on April 8th, before the due date for taxes, Summit was apparently part of an interview as an IRS worker. It took a little effort but I managed to scrape his little blurb from a local news website so that it would not be lost. it was weird seeing him all newsified.. I was simultaneously happy to see him and horrified to see inside his work.. Thank you, whichever news website it was, for allowing me to see my friend Gordon whilst he was at work and dressed all fancy like. Sometime I will have to throw up (hehehe, Ii said throw up, like barf..) some animated GIFs that summit made when he cut his hair from long to short. It is goofy and awesome. Love this guy.. [video removed] ~~~ The Little Girl and the Cigarette Caution: There are spoilers to a certain degree in this post. sigh.. i really enjoyed this boo…