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Trilogy- Uglies, Pretties, and Specials - Scott Westerfeld

Uglies Trilogy – by Scott Westerfeld(Includes books Uglies, Pretties, and Specials ) Publisher: Simon Pulse (October 23, 2007)ok. so on top of all the other stuff i have been reading lately, i became thoroughly engrossed in a series which has not let me down in the slightest. this is a bit long winded, but keep in mind it is in reference to reading three books.. and i am trying REALLY hard not to give away spoilers.. it is hard to write about this book because in the context of the review, the keywords and mannerisms of the characters society seems like nothing but grammar and spelling errors. bear with it though, in the books, you are so washed over with the word use and logic that it actually makes sense in the proper frame. the Uglies trilogy (now a quadrilogy?) was very engrossing. Book one, Uglies, describes a world where there is no war. there is no famine, hatred, or turmoil. 200-300 years in the past over population, strip mining, clear cutting, genetic engineering of plants and …

Zen of Zombie / Real Ultimate Power (SelfHelp)

The Zen of Zombie: Better living through the undead by Scott KenemorePaperback: 272 pagesPublisher: Skyhorse Publishing (October 2007)and Real Ultimate Power: The Official Ninja book by Robert HamburgerPaperback: 192 pagesPublisher: Citadel (July 1, 2004) in the last couple months i have read two books that have walked me through the process of learning how to be someone i am not. One teaches the inner “way of the zombie” and how to incorporate the highly successful methods and habits of zombies to bring you to enlightenment and the culmination of your goals. the other is about how cool ninjas are and how you can become one if you can find one, get kidnapped by one, or fake it if you have the gut feeling that you could hack it in single combat with a pirate. neither of these books did anything for me except make me laugh, which, i gotta say, is the greatest self help technique in the world. either way, they could both be considered self help, and i may actually need more help after finis…

There's a boy in the girl's Bathroom, Louis Sachar

after reading that terrible book Suck, i mean Sock, i needed to clean my brain out for another book. Jenn had bought me a copy of Louis Sachar’s There’s a boy in the girls bathroom so i decided i should revert to a prior age and give a good once over. thank you goodwill for having it lying around :) I have not read this book in so many years, it really came to me as if i had never read it at all. Louis Sachar is the guy who wrote Holes (made into a movie a few years back) and Sideways stories from Wayside School. He is a Lawyer who decided children’s fiction was a nice fit for him as an occupation, and i fully agree. i have always been a fan of his books, especially the Wayside School series. Girls Bathroom is a story of a boy with the lowest self esteem ever who fights against everything, has imaginary friends and lies like no other.he is forced to go to a school counselor and over the course of the book grows up a little and finds out how to interact in society. man. this is a damn goo…

Sock, Penn Jillette / Lando Calrissian is my bus driver

i have a happy note and a bad note to discuss today. Lando Calrissian is my Bus Driver. that is the good portion. I finished reading Penn Jillette’s book “Sock”.. not the good part. — Lando. I noticed him a few days ago. Coming to work, he would pick me up at the bus stop and i would show him my bus pass. Mr Billy Dee Willams would wave me aboard and i would either stand or find a place to park my ass. Obviously this depended on the morning. Every day i would see him and think “who is this guy and why is he so familiar to me?” The answer was always “he is one of your bus drivers and you see him nearly daily.” Today he spoke to me when i got on the bus. It was at this moment that i realized (at least on a personal level of self delusion) that my bus driver was Billy Dee. Lando said to me, “did you know your bus pass is out of date?” This is not what i heard though.. The exchange went more like this: Lando: “(did you know your bus pass is out of date?) That was never a condition of our agreemen…
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