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The Spellman Files, Lisa Lutz

I am not sure how i felt about this book. This statement is not a reflection of how i felt about the novel as much as the fact that i was suckered into reading book one of a series.? as a standalone book, i enjoyed it. as a series, i think i would rather step on a nail. there are 4 more books.. This is not to say that i did not enjoy The Spellman Files. I did enjoy it, i would recommend it to others. Four more novels (with likely more on the way) that is quite an investment of time to move forward into something i found enjoyable, but not stellar. yet, i already know the characters, i know their personalities and quirks. it seems natural to move to the next in the list. ~~ The Spellman Files revolves around a screwed up family of the same name. the mother and father own a detective agency, and instead of using the TV as a baby sitter, they bring their kids in on the business. From an early age, the spellman kids learn how to professionally stalk people. they learn how to do background che…

Rasputin's Daughter - Robert Alexander

This is one of the best books i have read in the the last 12 months. Rasputin?s Daughter is considered historical fiction. it is based around Maria, one of Grigori Rasputin?s daughters. The book covers the time frame of up to a week prior to Rasputin?s death. Rasputin himself has been world renowned as a charlatan, a genius, a monk, faith healer and psychic. in folklore, his powers were limitless, his ability to manipulate was matchless, and it took a whole lot to kill the bastard. most of the world knows him as one of the most evil and untamed humans ever to live. Maria is a different person all together. she is mellow and loving, sweet and kindly. she sees nothing but purity in her father. Maria herself is confused, she is lonely and sad, but she has high hopes for her future. Maria is a daddy?s girl through and through. the book reads well. the dialogue through out the book is excellent and persuasive. RD leads you down som interesting thought paths. what happens if you remove the demon…

Shake the Devil Off - Ethan Brown

i did not enjoy this book but my wife did.
after 3 chapters, i was wishing i had never started it. being a true crime buff, i thought this would be up my alley, but really couldnt get into it. my wife however, clearly liked this. it is not one that she would have picked up on her own. she stated that it should be read for the story, but if no other reason exists, to raise awareness of how our troops are mistreated and psychologically damaged/misdiagnosed upon their return to home after wartime. personally, i think i can get the same perspective from a book about the reagan era and an afternoon watching Rambo films.
perhaps in a year, i will be able to finish this book.
my 1 star and her 4 star equates 2.5 rating listed here.
This review is based on a book kindly provided for free by the publisher or author. Please check my FTC Douche-claimer for details regarding this disclaimer’s existence.

Lightning, Dean Koontz

still sick.. bear with me if my grammar and such sucks today… on a recent trip to california for a wedding, jenn and i decided to spend the whole trip not talking to each other. no no no, it wasnt because of bad stuff, it was because audiobook goodness was going to make the long car drive easier. 12+ hours of audio, the unabridged audiobook of Dean Koontz “Lightning”. Lightning is the story of a woman, Shane, who’s destiny is altered repeatedly by a stranger. at key points of her life? a pale stranger, Stefan,? arrives and aids her. his only goal is to make sure she lives. through muggings, abuse, and accidents, he assists her. what he doesnt know is that his help will bring men with machine guns her way. - Lightning details how each of these events is mysteriously associated with erratic weather patterns. - it details how destiny does not like to be led, and will attempt to revert back to its original shape. Turned out to be a pretty decent book. ultimately, the plot line is fairly easy to …

Spook Country, William Gibson

Spook Country, a book where absolutely nothing happens, in detail. after 100 pages, i was still lost as to the point of this book. every character is dangerously interesting. nothing is cohesive, just chapter after chapter of loosely tied together story. just enough to keep you turning the pages, but not enough for you to know what is happening. there is no “main protagonist” or “main antagonist” every character has their own agenda and none are good or evil. everyone has something going on and you are slowly led through the various stories until they all merge into one semi-cohesive semi-plot. every one of these characters deserves their own book. dont hold your breath for a big bang ending though. when it all culminates in the last 25 pages, you will either be giggling at the cleverness or unhappy that you sat through it all. i think this book would make a great film modified and directed by the cohen brothers. thats it. no more review. as the books semi-plot doesnt have much to it besid…

The Chronicles of Narnia - C.S. Lewis

The Lion, the Witch, and The Wardrobe | Prince Caspian | The Voyage of the DawnTreader | The Silver Chair | The Horse and his Boy | The Magicians Nephew | The Last Battle
Narnia, sweet Narnia. When I was young, your tales made my imagination swirl. You were the sweet little brother to Lord of the Rings. As a kid brother, we enjoyed hanging out at first. Your silly antics and off kilter view of reality made me smile. LOTR and I thought you were fancy in your way. Before long, we had out grown you. Your psuedo-serious outlook on the world no longer caught our attention. While LOTR and I grew up, you stayed the same. You lacked depth and fell back on religion like a crutch. Though getting older, you continued to prey on the young;? like a creepy guy who searches out and only dates high school (or younger) children. Though still friends, you and I no longer communicated. LOTR and I continued to pal around. Recently, I found that I was missing you. Some films were made in the last few years de…