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The Dream Team Nightmare (Portia Tung)

Interested in getting your feet wet in the world of Agile project management? 
So was I. My office is dabbling in an Agile migration. We have been a classic waterfall development process since dirt was invented. New blood however brings new process. As my teammates began getting excited, discussion increased and I quickly found myself lost in the mixture of paradigms and language. The last time I used the word Epic was in relation to video game companies. Waterfall? I know you should never chase them and you should stick to the rivers and streams that you are used to. Scrum and Scrum-master? Lets not go down that path. None of this helped me. I felt like an noob, and rightly so, because I was exactly that. Pride kicked me into gear.
I took to the web and found a myriad of resources. Who would have guessed that agile is this thing that helps you be quick and flexible (the least helpful website)... The resources presented were countless, the level of approach-ability in most cases was lac…

Ten Little Ladybugs (Melanie Gerth)

Ten little ladybugs are in an epic eleven page journey home. While traveling they meet several animals in the wild and interact in awesome counting fashion. Filled with colorful images. Not much to say for plot, it was written for three year old's with interactive number memorization in mind.

As a classic counting book, ten becomes one and repetition rules. Accomplishes the task well.

What makes this counting book stand out is the three dimensional ladybugs. Firmly placed in a wide base within each page, they cannot be dislodged without serious physical damage to the book. They are baby friendly and make the counting feel more real.

Kid Perspective:

Both of my children, really like this book. The elder spawn believes that the frog is amazing, the grasshopper, the .. Well everything..

This is one of many counting books that he owns, so he could never advise if it is superior to any other, but it is obvious that he digs it. He has physically beaten this book up, folding it in half …