Ten Little Ladybugs (Melanie Gerth)

Ten little ladybugs are in an epic eleven page journey home. While traveling they meet several animals in the wild and interact in awesome counting fashion. Filled with colorful images. Not much to say for plot, it was written for three year old's with interactive number memorization in mind.

As a classic counting book, ten becomes one and repetition rules. Accomplishes the task well.

What makes this counting book stand out is the three dimensional ladybugs. Firmly placed in a wide base within each page, they cannot be dislodged without serious physical damage to the book. They are baby friendly and make the counting feel more real.

Kid Perspective:

Both of my children, really like this book. The elder spawn believes that the frog is amazing, the grasshopper, the .. Well everything..

This is one of many counting books that he owns, so he could never advise if it is superior to any other, but it is obvious that he digs it. He has physically beaten this book up, folding it in half backwards and it still survives. The younger spawn believes this book tastes good.

Parent perspective:

Why.. Seriously why... More than half of the ladybugs make off with predators. Witness the above image. Two little ladybugs, plus one frog equals lunch.

Yet somehow, the final page of the book has all of the creatures and all of the ladybugs home safe and sound. This sounds like some ladybug black-market meat ring. This book has frightening lessons to be learned.

It is cute though, and it is well built, and the kids like it. So I suppose the darker plot should remain hidden till they are old enough to turn goth and appreciate the dark humor contained.


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