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Dreaming of Gwen Stefani, Evan Mandery

whew.. where to start. Evan Mandery.. what an interesting fellow. If you go to college at NYC’s John Jay College, you can find him in the school’s rolodex as a Professor of ethics and death penalty law. He has apparently written a couple of non-fiction books: The Campaign: Rudy Giuliani, Ruth Messinger, Al Sharpton, and the Race to Be Mayor of New York City in 1999 and Eyes on City Hall: A Young Man’s Education in New York Political Warfare in 2001.
The guy knows how to do research (wow, i mean, wow), more on that topic here in a few moments. Dreaming of Gwen Stefani is all about Mortimer Taylor Coleridge. Here is the back of the book normally, i dont do this, but it doesnt tell you anything that the first ten pages wouldnt cover expansively: Mortimer Taylor Coleridge is a unique man. With a mind of rare mathematical precision, he is obsessed with imposing order upon the chaos of every day life. A once brilliant student of evolutionary biology at Columbia University, he has turned his bac…

The Alchemist, Paulo Coehlo

the cover of this book states that it has changed the lives of millions. i cant say that it changed me, it was a good read and i enjoyed it. on some levels i read it and thought of it as “hemmingway-lite”. the characters are well built and interesting. it is humorous at points and very poetic in its descriptions. the story follows a spanish shepherd who leaves the andalusian plains to search for a treasure. he is prompted to do so after having a dream of seeing the? egyptian pyramids and learning of a treasure that he would find there. as his journey progresses he learns of alchemy, but not in the lead to gold sense that all of our modern stories talk of, he learns it as life itself being lead, and all things being transmutable into something higher. the story was warm and worth reading, but i would suggest going into it with out any expectations, you will absorb more from it with an open and clean mind as opposed to a “this will change me” perspective.? i go into every book with the e…

Demons are Forever (Book 3), Julie Kenner

Demons are forever, book three of the Kate Connor/Crowe demon hunter soccer mom series. Julie Kenner is a great writer. making me fiend after a story line is a tough accomplishment. going from book on, two and now finishing book three, i tried and tried to space it out. i read book one, Carpe Demon 3 months or so ago, and refused to buy the other books until i had worked some other fiction out. Jenn decided as a surprise, to buy books two and three for me… now i am utterly hooked.. reading them quickly was so hard to avoid. i spent a good deal of time reading other books but found myself eyealling the stacks containing these two gifts and i am officially hooked! jenn learned that she should make me read books we are both into first because it is easier for me to keep quiet while she reads than it is for her too. she gets frustrated and wants to talk about it, but cant because of the whole spoiler thing.. she was being tortured trying to talk to me and me reminding her that i had not rea…

Succubus Blues - Richelle Mead

i have a pile of books on load from Jenn, i have one that Suzuki gave me for my birthday that i want to reread, the bottomless bag, and of course my own collection which seems to keep growing with each week…. mainly i have determined that i need to trade of stacks off books after each book is complete so that no single source of writing becomes stale or unused. i began digging through Janneke’s big bag of books, attempting to determine what i would bury my nose into next. pushing past the ones i have already read (i should really make that pile on its own), i found Succubus Blues written by Richelle Mead.. plain light blue stock cover. no summary or synopsis. no information about the author. it was your typical uncorrected work print, but actually contained less information than average. this is my favorite way to read a book. with no tag lines, personal recommendations or mentions of how good something is by mention of awards. no summary means no spoilers. it was fresh and ready for a …
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