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Hara's Legacy: Resonance Mates 01 (Bianca D'Arc)

DO NOT read this book.
Bravo Bianca – Bravo Samhain Publishing, I fell for your ploy. Browsing through Amazon, I found a copy of Hara’s Legacy and was sucked into the summary. I wish I hadn’t been though. This book was trying to be a sci-fi cock tease and the only of these this world needs are on Joss Whedon’s Firefly. On its own merit, it was like an inexperienced lot lizard, thinking a bunch of truckers running a train on her is foreplay and showing her boobs is worth a ride out of salt lake city…
Hara’s Legacy grabbed my attention, promising a plot-line that is right up my alley. On near future earth, aliens have decided to drop in and make themselves home. In order to makes the planet safe for them, they bombarded the planet with Crystalline seeds which vibrate and re-tune the planet to the benefit of their biology, and detriment of human. Some humans are able to survive the planetary reboot.
Those humans who survive often have levels of dormant and active psychic abilities. This novel centers on 3 brothers who have inklings of the alien resettlement and move to the boonies for survival. One brother has a wife, who they have all known since she was a child, so it was apparent from the beginning what part of the story would focus on.
And that is the end of the plot-line. The majority of this book is descriptions of circumcised cocks, vagina’s, clits, sexual positions, squishing noises, wet spots, alien sperm donors, and three brothers humping the same woman repeatedly.
This is an estimate, but out of 256 pages, I would guesstimate that only 60 pages of this book actually mattered.
Marketed as a Futuristic Sci-Fi and “Red Hot”, I assumed it would be more Sci-Fi with some standard adult themes peppered in. No biggie, I have read my share of steamy scenes. Heck, the description of the book from the publisher (here’s the ploy)deftly avoided the nature of the book, hinting at the contents and simply advising “Warning: this title contains explicit sex and menage-a-quatre”. It caught my attention and I thought it was sweet to have a scene in the book that warranted forewarning..
Yeah… not sure if a prophetic-seer-fucking-an-empath,-who-is-double-entried-by-a-brother-who-is-psychic,-while-she-sucks-the-cock-of-a-third-brother-who-is-a-telepath-AND-A-Telekinetic for chapter after chapter is considered Sci-Fi by any stretch of the imagination. The uncomfortably long fuck-fest with one brother-spying-on-an-alien-who-wants-a-baby-and-fucks-for-two-days-straight-while-his-brother-psychically-listens-in-taking-notes chapters were unbearable.
The Sci-Fi is limited, the sex is overly saturated, far too detailed, and have the feeling of being written by someone who wishes they were an erotic writer, but never bothered to stop masturbating long enough to find an honest proofreader.
I had actually written a whole review prior to this, but scrapped it all as it was entirely too nice. Here is the best advice I can give, “Unless this book gets completely rewritten to focus more on the plot and less on the male curvature needed to hit a g-spot, don’t bother with it.”?vature needed to hit a g-spot, don't bother with it."?


  1. You?


    This book?

    Also hilarious.


    But not in the same way. And oh dear lord, thank you for the warning to stay away. Far, far away.


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